I Bet Your Pardon - 荷里活有個大老千 (2019)

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    English Title:
    I Bet Your Pardon

    Chinese Title:



    Wong Jing



    Kent Cheng
    Selena Lee
    Dominic Ho
    Connie Man
    Kent Tong
    James Ng
    Ada Wong
    Babyjohn Choi

    LUNG SEI (Kent Cheng) of the “Con Eight” is thrown in jail after being framed by Chinese Chief Detective MAN HUNG (Kent Tong) and his senior PONG FUNG (Paul Chun). MAN HUNG even steals his girlfriend PAK-HOP (Angie Cheong). Five years later, now top producer LUNG SEI not only has SHU KEI (Choi Hon Yik) and MAK KEI (James Ng) as his right-hand men, but is also reunited with his daughter SIU-YU (Ada Wong). After the murder of his fellow alum TONG WAI (Wong Pak Man), LUNG SEI believes his disciple AH-LONG (Edward Ma) is the culprit, triggering a gambling showdown between them…… SIU-YU confesses to dancing teacher PAK-HOP about her crush on aspiring director HO KA-CHUN (Dominic Ho), leading to a serendipitous reunion of PAK-HOP and LUNG SEI. PAK-HOP steals MAN HUNG’s account book detailing illegal transactions and money laundering to elope with LUNG SEI, but they are crushed by MAN HUNG who is furious about this. As LUNG SEI is escorted to jail, he is released by a mystery man. They set a trap, pledging to lure the all-powerful MAN HUNG into it……

    Airing January 14th 2019 replacing The Learning Curve of a Warlord 大帥哥


  2. funny theme song :boblaff:
  3. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    Smh this actually a Bet Hur sequel/spinoff they even got back Dominic and Connie too
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  4. This should a good one, hope to see new plot and new tricks in gambling world
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  5. was thinking prequel to 'bet hur' since its set in pre-modern :hmm:
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    after watching a few episodes of this, i have to say the storyline isn't bad but usually imo is ruined by the newbies due to their inexperience in acting.
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