How To Spot A Japanese

Discussion in 'Japanese Chat' started by hadouken, Jul 11, 2006.

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    :rant:-nonoracist people!!!!-censored
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    i think they are just a bit shorter and their fashion sense is totally diffferent.
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    why would japanese treat white ppl better. i dont think so. whte ppl look so much differ compared to other asians
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    What is so ironically comical about this entire thread (in addition to it being 4 years old) is the fact that every country was extremely racist during the Showa war (what the Japanese referred to WW2 as). Japanese school children were routinely taught that Chinese were sub-human, and that each and every Japanese boy would be a man only if he's killed several Chinese "dogs" for this emperor. Europeans were likewise, talked about in terms of a race being below that of the Japanese.

    WW2 was an interesting phenomenon. After years of anti-Chinese political rhetoric, anti-Chinese immigration laws, and general anti-Chinese racism, the US found itself in the wartime position of having to support what they had once openly rejected. Hence, the US wartime government needed a way to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. That is, they needed the US boys to keep hating the yellow bastards, but only certain kinds of yellow bastards. So they issued these comical "anthropologically" based pamphlets to help our soldiers distinguish a potential ally from enemy. Of course, the things were simply useless in reality and remains a classic example of government know it alls that went wrongly amok.

    Was the US any more racist than any other country or race? No.

    BTW, just a simple review of Japan's current immigration and citizenship policies (for non-ethnic Japanese) would be eye opening for those that are interested in these sorts of thing. Japan, despite its success, remains one of the most racist countries in the world.