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    You are some serious fan ^^!
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    I love TVB, and especially Bosco Wong (^^) ! Hope you'll write more and more !!
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    well, guys long time since i updated!


    Henry rushes to the room that Sarah was in. Seeing her again, he felt the sense of love between them.

    Henry: Sarah, you’re back… but in a coma. Why are we played by fate? We were enemies, then friends, after that we started a relationship and then we broke up. And now you’re in a coma!

    M.C. and Paul comes into the room to see what all the noisy fuss is about.

    M.C.: Henry, what you need to do right now is to calm down, because Sarah is a good person, and good people don’t die easily.

    Henry: I want to take care of Sarah, I might as well take a week off to get all what is happening in my head.

    James and Siu Ping (Sandra) comes into the room.

    James: You must be Henry.

    Henry: And you two are…

    Siu Ping: I am Siu Ping, but you can call me Sandra,. I’m Sarah’s friend from Singapore.

    James: I’m James. Hi.

    Siu Ping: How’s Sarah? I came to Hong Kong as a business trip, but then I saw the news on t.v. about the car accident.

    Henry: She’s in a coma now.

    James: When is she going to wake up then?

    Henry: It’s undetermined.

    Siu Ping: Is there a chance though?

    Henry: I’m not sure. I’m going to have to ask Paul.
    Paul comes in.

    Paul: Henry, I’ve got bad news for you. I just checked the scans for her brain. There is a blood clot on the right side of her brain. If the blood clot disappears, then she will wake up.

    Henry: Can you operate on her?

    Paul: No, not yet. We will have to wait a little longer, until it is not that dangerous to operate on opening her brain.

    Henry: I just hope she will wake up in a week. It’s her birthday next week.

    Siu Ping: Oh yeah. I almost forgot.

    James: Ping Ping, what should we get Sarah, together?

    Siu Ping: Hey, don’t forget, I’m divorcing you.

    James: Why can’t you just give me another chance?

    Siu Ping: I told you already. Our personalities do not match. If we are together, we will still break up on another day. I rather suffer now than suffer more later.

    Paul: Guys, you have to stop. The patient needs rest.

    Siu Ping and James: Sorry.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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    and another one:


    -----------------------------------------------Trainee’s Dormitory----------------------------------------------

    Candy (Charmaine): So, how is my good friend Anne?

    Anne (Myolie): Hmm, every time you say that, you have some secrets to tell me. And, it’s deep from your heart.

    Candy: Yes, I do. Ken (Raymond) looks so handsome!

    Anne: My brother?

    Candy: Yes, Ken.

    Anne: Don’t tell me you want me to help you court my own brother.

    Candy: That would be great.

    Anne: Umm, I would need time to think about this difficult question.

    Candy: Come on, just help me, my good friend.

    Anne: Fine, fine.

    Candy: Yeah! Hmm, do you seem to like David (Bosco)? I could help you. After all, I am his sister.

    Anne: Maybe you didn’t know this, but I actually know David. He sat across to me during Math in high school. We argued over little things. But one time, when he saw that I received flowers from an anonymous person, we stopped arguing. We didn’t even talk from that point on.

    Candy: Oh, so you’re “that girl,” that my bro talks about day and night that year.

    Anne: What are you mumbling about? Speak louder.

    Candy: Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about Ken.

    Anne: I can’t believe this! My good friend is in love with my brother.

    Candy: Well, we always don’t know what will happen in the world.

    Anne: Oh my God! You’re crazy with my brother.

    ==========================THE NEXT DAY========================

    Anne: Hello my good brother!

    Ken (Kevin): Hey, don’t call me your good brother. Just call me Ken. Every time you say that, there is something mysterious going on.

    Anne: Nah, I just wanted to ask you a question.

    Ken: What now?

    Anne: Oh, I just wanted to ask you how was the trainee introductory conference yesterday? Did you feel that any of them can be your girlfriend?

    Ken: Hmm, let’s see.

    Anne: Yes?

    Ken: Why are you so curious? Huh?

    Anne: No, I was just asking if Candy has a chance, because I think she is the perfect candidate to become my future sister-in-law.

    Ken: Isn’t that your friend?

    Anne: Yeah, but…

    Ken: I trust fate, so you’ll have to wait and see.

    Anne: Well, I have the patience. Anyways, I got to go. I have a date.

    Ken: May I know who?

    Anne: Tell you later.

    Ken: Hey, can I come along?

    Anne: If you want to.

    Anne and Ken walks out to meet David. Ken points to David.

    Ken: You… you are dating my sister?

    David: Am I not supposed to?

    Ken: No, of course not. You better not mistreat her.

    David: Don’t worry bro, I won’t.

    Ken: OK, since I saw the face of my sister’s boyfriend, I should leave so that you two can spend the time together.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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    Henry hadn’t been sleeping well for the past few nights, with Sarah still in the hospital. During the work hours when he was in shift, he was daydreaming. When the time came to go home to take a break and rest for a few hours, he kept himself busy with the past memories of his ex-girlfriends, but of course the most that he thought about was Sarah. Morning came again for work. His co-workers couldn’t really say anything because, they too felt the pressure and sadness within him.

    Chris (Raymond Cho): Henry… Henry!!!

    Henry: Huh, what do you want?

    Chris: Did you eat breakfast yet?

    Henry: No, I just got back.

    Chris: Awh, I’ll treat you to breakfast.

    Henry: Umm, what’s going on?

    Betsy and M.C. walks into the canteen from two different directions. Without looking, they accidentally bump into each other.

    Betsy (Bernice Liu): Sorry…

    M.C.(Moses Chan): Oh, sorry.

    Betsy: Oh, I’m so sorry for bumping into you. Oh, it’s you, M.C. Lam.

    M.C.: Oh, hey. We hadn’t talked for a long time after…

    Betsy:… I rejected your marriage proposal.

    M.C.: It’s ok.

    Betsy: Listen, did you eat breakfast yet? If not, then let’s sit down and have a talk.

    M.C.: No, I didn’t eat breakfast yet.

    Betsy: Then, you go ahead to find two seats and I’ll buy the breakfast.

    M.C.: No, no. You go find the seats. I’ll buy the breakfast.

    Betsy felt a sense of care that had just struck her.

    Betsy: Ok.

    A nurse walks in.

    Angel (Charmaine Li): Guys, I’ve got great news. Sarah woke up! Sarah woke up!!

    Henry had mixed feelings.

    Henry: Angel, the Sarah that I know right?

    Angel: Yes, the one that you dated for a while.

    Henry: Wait, am I dreaming? I miss her so much.

    Chris: No, it’s true.

    Without notice, Henry runs straight to Sarah’s room in the hospital.

    Henry: Sarah. Sarah. Sarah.

    Sarah tries to get up.

    Henry: Let me help you.

    Henry helps Sarah to get up; putting the pillow in the way so that Sarah can lie on her back comfortably.

    =========================== IN THE CANTEEN =====================

    M.C. finishes buying breakfast and goes to find Betsy.

    Betsy: Oh, look you’re back.

    M.C.: Do you want apple juice or orange juice?

    Betsy: Hmm, I’m the mood for something extra sweet.

    M.C.: Wait here, for five minutes. Remember not to leave. I will be back.

    M.C. runs back down to his office and grabs the bag that he had prepared a few hours ago.

    ============================ SARAH’S ROOM =====================
    Henry: Sarah, how are you feeling today?

    Sarah: Tired. What happened to me by the way?

    Henry: You were in a car accident and had been in a coma for almost a week already.

    Sarah: Oh, by the way, did you happen to see my two friends from Singapore?

    Henry: Who, Sandra and James; the muscular guy?

    Sarah: Yeah, that’s them.

    Henry: Well, the last time that they were here, they were talking about a divorce.

    Sarah: That’s not so surprising. Those two are always arguing and bickering at each other.

    Henry gives a laugh.

    Sarah: I almost forgot to tell you one thing.

    Henry: And what is that?

    Sarah: Well, the last time that I went to my doctor in Singapore, they said that…

    Henry: What did they say?

    Sarah: You have to have patience, you know.

    Henry: I always thought that you were pretty patient.

    Sarah: No, I’m telling you to be patient and listen to me.

    Henry: Oh, ok, go on. Go on.

    Sarah: They said that…

    Jenny (Eilien Yeow) and Kelly (Vivien Yeo) comes in.

    Jenny: We’re not interrupting you guys right?

    Kelly: But, even if we are, we still have to say it.

    Jenny: Yeah, about ten survivors of a bus crashing into a mountain will be arriving in promptly five minutes.
    Kelly: Henry, we need you.

    Henry: Sarah, I will be back. Tell me later.

    Sarah: Ok, I’m so tired that I can’t move, so I’ll wait here for you.

    Henry: Talk to you later.

    Sarah: Henry, be careful.

    Henry smiled sweetly to her then left with Kelly and Jenny.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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    well, i will be posting another epi. in three hours or less.

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    ============================ IN THE ER ==========================

    Henry: In these ten survivors, three are severely wounded, while the other seven have mild wounds. But, we still have to take care of them.

    Kelly: By the way, did you see Chris?

    Henry: Chris, I was just talking to him in the canteen.

    Jenny: Then, where did he even go?

    Henry: Call him, and tell him there’s an emergency.

    Kelly reaches the phone to call Chris.

    (Chris on his cellphone)

    Chris: Yes, Kelly?

    Kelly: Hurry and come down to the ER. There was a bus crash, and ten are wounded.

    Chris: Coming…

    Kelly: Dr. Lai, he is coming down immediately.

    Henry: Ok.

    Half an hour later, all the survivors had been treated. Henry goes back to the room that Sarah is staying in.

    ========================== SARAH’S ROOM =======================

    Henry walks in to find that Sarah had already fell asleep. Trying not to wake her up, Henry quietly sits down on one of the chairs. A few minutes later, Sarah wakes up from her nap, because Henry blocked some of the sunlight from the opened windows.

    Sarah (rubbing her eyes): Oh, Henry you’re back!

    Henry: Here, let me help you again.

    Henry helps Sarah to lie on her back with a pillow on her back for comfort.

    Sarah: Thank you.

    Henry: You’re welcome. And, you were saying something about your doctor from Singapore. Continue.

    Sarah: Umm… Oh, she said…

    Henry: Come on… I’ve been waiting for over an hour to find out what you were trying to say.

    Sarah: Ok, let me continue without any interruption.

    Henry: Ok, ok. I’m listening with my ears wide open.

    Sarah: Well, the doctor told me that me that after my long battle with all the cancerous cells in the body, I have finally defeated uterus cancer!

    Henry takes out his hand from his pocket and shakes hand to congratulate Sarah.

    Henry: Congratulations!!

    Sarah (with a sly smile): Thank you.

    Henry: Sarah…

    Sarah: Hmm?

    Henry: Do you think you should give us another chance?

    Siu Ping (Fanny Ip) and James (Rocky Cheng) walks in.

    Siu Ping: Ahh, you’re awake!

    Siu Ping runs to give Sarah a hug.

    Sarah: Yes, yes, I’m awake. How are you two? Still bickering? I haven’t seen you guys since I left Singapore two months again.

    Siu Ping: Well, the divorce papers are almost ready.

    Sarah: Are you guys for real this time? I mean it’s hard to find someone that truly loves you Siu Ping.

    James: I don’t want to sign it…

    Siu Ping: Too bad then.

    Sarah: Come on guys.

    Siu Ping: Don’t try to persuade me, because you are not going to succeed.

    Henry pretends to cough.

    James: Oh, hello Henry. I didn’t see you when we came in.

    Henry: Hello again.

    Sarah: Why don’t you two sit down to talk for dinner?

    Siu Ping: With him? No way.

    James: Sure.

    Sarah: Ok, I’ll pay for your dinner. Come on, I’m sure you should give him a chance. Just one, just for me.

    Siu Ping: Fine… it’s just going to be for you.

    Siu Ping and James leave.

    Henry: Back to what I was talking about. How about another chance for us. Like you had said before, it is hard to find someone that truly loves one another. We went through so many hardships to finally manage to get together. Just give me another chance, please?

    Sarah: But…

    Henry: The past is the past Sarah. Forget about it. We can start off fresh and clean.

    Sarah: Ok, I will give you another chance.

    Henry: Yes! I waited so long.

    Sarah: That’s a miracle that I am hearing from a playboy.

    Henry: No, not anymore. I will cherish this chance that you have just given us. You will be the only one that I will love from now on.

    Sarah: You and your sweet talks are back right?

    Henry: It just shows how much I care and love for you.

    Sarah: Come and sit on the bed.

    Henry: Why?

    Henry does as told. Sarah leans forward to give him a kiss on his lips. Then they both smile at each other.

    Sarah might not have not that this was all set up by her love, Henry. Henry had told James and Siu Ping to have a scene so that Sarah could feel she needed Henry. All of a sudden, Siu Ping and James walked right in.

    Siu Ping: Sorry to interrupt guys, I just wanted to ask if there are any recommendations for restaurants.

    Henry: Wait, let me call M.C. He and Betsy ate at this restaurant with excellent fresh oysters. Hold on for a second.

    As Henry calls M.C., who is in the canteen, Sandra and James continued their usual chatting with Sarah.

    Sarah: So… have you two thought about what I just said?

    James: I would love to take another chance, you know.

    Sarah: Yes, you’ve been telling me that for the past few months before I left Singapore.

    Siu Ping: This requires a lot of thinking.

    Sarah and James: We know what that means…

    (Henry on the phone):

    Henry: M.C. I want to ask you a question.

    M.C.: Please not now. Betsy and I were just talking about our future. I’ll call you back.

    Henry: Got it!

    Sarah: So… what is the name of the restaurant?

    Henry: M.C. is busy right now, therefore, I do not know the name.

    Sarah: What is he doing? Is Joe back or something?

    Henry: No, he is talking with Betsy about their future.

    Sarah: Let’s hope they get back together and Betsy accepts the proposal.

    Henry: Yes, just because we got back together, we should hope that they get back together as well, so that we can all share the sense of happiness.

    Sarah: Was that meant for Siu Ping and James?

    Siu Ping: Hey, don’t talk about us.

    James: Let’s eat, and give Sarah the bill.

    Siu Ping and James leave.

    Sarah: I really hope from the heart that these two will get back together and have a happy life together.

    Henry: Let’s pray that all the people around us will have a partner so that they can share their secrets, and talk with each other. It’s a happy thing you know.

    Sarah: Yes, I do know.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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    ========================= IN THE STREETS =======================

    Siu Ping (Fanny Ip) and James (Rocky Cheng) walk quietly because James was afraid that if he spoke, Siu Ping will not eat dinner with him. Siu Ping’s cell phone rings.

    Siu Ping: Hey, Franklin…

    James wonders who Franklin is.

    Siu Ping: Ok, ok.

    She hangs up.

    Siu Ping: I know where to go now. Franklin booked a table for three at a restaurant nearby. Let’s go there and eat. Then, I’m going to watch a movie with him.

    James: Siu Ping…

    Siu Ping: You don’t have to ask. I’ll tell you. He is my new boyfriend. Yes, I know we’re not divorced, yet, but we will be.

    James: Ok, I was just hoping for another chance.

    Siu Ping: Come on, don’t be a nag.

    James followed, because he wanted to see how Franklin looked like. They arrive at the restaurant that was located inside a hotel.

    Waiter: How many people?

    Siu Ping: Franklin Ma booked a table for three. Did he come yet?

    Waiter: No…

    Siu Ping: Ok, we’ll sit and wait for him.

    After sitting down, and looking around for fifteen minutes, her phone rings again.

    Siu Ping: Franklin, where are you?

    Franklin: I’m sorry. I still have a few meetings to attend. I’m afraid that I cannot come.

    Siu Ping hangs up the phone with anger.

    Siu Ping: He’s not coming.

    James: Oh… you mean Franklin?

    Siu Ping: Well, everything has been set, so why not we just enjoy the dinner.

    James: Whatever for you.

    James and Siu Ping had an enormous dinner; with different kinds of seafood, dessert, and of course red wine. After dining, they went back to their hotel.

    ================= HOTEL OF SIU PING & JAMES ====================

    Siu Ping and James are drunk after drinking some much wine at the restaurant.

    Siu Ping (drunk): Heh, let’s go drink some more. Let’s go to my room.

    James: Sure. Whatever you say.

    The two enter Siu Ping’s room. They sit down on the bed.

    Siu Ping: Awwh, James, you’re so smelly. Go take a shower.

    James: You too.

    Siu Ping: Hubby, you go first.

    James: Ok, Wifey.

    James goes to the bathroom, but comes back on the bed. They accidentally have a relationship. All of a sudden, the hotel room doorbell rings. This wakes up both Siu Ping and James. They both look at each other, with barely any garments on. James take a look in the “peephole” and sees Franklin (Jason Chan) there with a bouquet of flowers.

    James: It’s Franklin.

    Siu Ping and James quickly put on back their clothing and then Siu Ping tells James to hide in the closet. James does as told. Siu Ping opens the door.

    Siu Ping: Hello.

    Franklin: Siu Ping, I have something important to tell you.

    Siu Ping: And what is that?

    Franklin: I think it’s about time that we get married.

    Franklin kneels on the floor and proposes to Siu Ping.

    Franklin: Will you marry me?

    Siu Ping: Get up already.

    Franklin: No, if you don’t answer me, I will not get up.

    James was about to cry in the closet.

    Franklin: I want to establish a family and then have little Frankies and Sandras.

    Siu Ping: I really don’t know. Did you eat dinner yet?

    Franklin: No, not yet.

    Siu Ping: Ok, then I’ll eat dinner with you.

    Franklin: Let’s go then.

    ======================== AT A RESTAURANT ======================

    Franklin: Please promise me.

    Siu Ping: Umm.

    Franklin puts his hand on Siu Ping’s hand.

    Siu Ping: Listen, I have always wanted to be a bride in June, but…

    Franklin: Then, that’s great. It’s May right now so…

    Siu Ping: Six years ago, when James proposed to me, it was April. I wanted to marry in June, but I still married in April, because we couldn’t wait.

    Franklin: So?

    Siu Ping: I want to be a bride in June, but I still want the groom to be James. It’s just now that I realized how much I love him.

    Franklin: But…

    Siu Ping: We might not be husband and wife, but we can still be friends.

    Franklin: James is so lucky to have you as a wife.

    Franklin drove Siu Ping back to the hotel where James and Siu Ping both lived.

    ================== IN THE HOTEL ROOM OF SIU PING ================

    James had been crying in the closet since Siu Ping and Franklin left for dinner. James fell asleep. Siu Ping opens the closet door.

    Siu Ping: James… James… wake up.

    James (sleepily): Hmm… I love Siu Ping, but she thinks I’m no use. Why? I treat her so well, but she thinks I am just a piece of garbage.

    Siu Ping: James Jim!!! Wake up. You are in my room.

    James: Oh, you’re back.

    Siu Ping: Yes, we had a wonderful dinner.

    James: That’s nice. Well, I will go back to my room now. And, the last thing is that, I will remember to go to the lawyer’s office to sign the papers tomorrow.

    Siu Ping shuddered. She wanted to say no; he did not have to go, but no matter how much she wanted to say it, the words just couldn’t come out of her mouth. Since silence was all there was, James left the room. Sarah calls Siu Ping, after James left.

    Sarah: Sandra, how are you? I’m back at home now. Henry just drove me back from the hospital.

    Siu Ping was holding her tears.

    Siu Ping: I’m fine.

    Sarah: Siu Ping, what’s wrong?

    Siu Ping: James is going to sign the papers tomorrow.

    Sarah: I thought I was treating you two to dinner tonight.

    Siu Ping: Well, Franklin called and James and I went to eat dinner with him. But, he never appeared, so it was just James and I. Later, we were so drunk, that we accidentally…

    Sarah: Ok, I totally understand the rest. No need to explain. But, what do you plan on doing?

    Siu Ping: Actually, I already told Franklin that I don’t plan on marrying him. Rejecting such a handsome and nice gentleman is a regret, but you do know that I love James the most.

    Sarah: Yes, we’ve talked about this before.

    Siu Ping: Hey, let’s have lunch together tomorrow.

    Sarah: Sure.

    ---------------------------------------------------- THE NEXT DAY ------------------------------------------

    The restaurant is right next to the lawyer office, where James was going to sign the divorce papers. Siu Ping and Sarah enters the restaurant.

    Waiter: Ladies, would you like steak or a salad.

    Siu Ping: Two steaks please.

    Sarah: No, no. One steak and one salad.

    The waiter leaves them on their on.

    Siu Ping: You don’t like steak anymore?

    Sarah: No, no… I just came out from the hospital remember?

    Siu Ping: Whoops, forgot.

    Sarah: I know your tricks. I mean why would you treat me to lunch at a place so far away from you hotel, but right next to the lawyer’s office.

    Siu Ping: What a coincidence!

    Sarah: You can go there and stop him now.

    Siu Ping: Um…

    Sarah: Do you want me to go with you, since it’s right next door.

    Siu Ping: Fine. I don’t know how to thank you.

    Sarah: That’s what friends are for.

    =============== AT THE LAWYER’S OFFICE; NEXT DOOR ==============

    Siu Ping: Lawyer, did you see James?

    Lawyer: James? He left an hour ago, and I saw your divorce papers. Congratulations, Sandra, you’re single again.

    Siu Ping starts to cry in the office. She started to blame herself for what she was in at that moment.

    Siu Ping: Why didn’t I tell him? Why didn’t I tell him that I loved him truly? Why? Why? Why?

    Sarah offers a pat on her shoulders. James, had been hiding behind the door for the whole time, but this was all a plot that Sarah and James had set up for Siu Ping to admit how much she loved James. James couldn’t resist not coming out. Sarah signaled that the time wasn’t right yet. She signaled James to meet in front of the female and male restroom.

    =================== IN FRONT OF THE RESTROOMS ==================

    Sarah: James, the time isn’t right yet. Give it some more minutes. I’m sure that after this, you two will be a lucky pair.

    James: I trust you, Sarah.

    ====================== BACK AT THE OFFICE ======================

    Siu Ping: Why? Why did I always treat him like a piece of garbage. I know that he is not. We truly love each other. Why? Why did I always treat him like that? I wished time would go back. I’m sure things would turn out different if I don’t act like I’m all that.

    Sarah: Sandra, the past is the past. Siu Ping, face the facts. Maybe you should call James and tell him how you feel.

    Siu Ping: Ok, ok.

    Siu Ping grabs the phone from her handbag and then calls James. Each second seemed like an hour to her because she was afraid that James would leave Hong Kong, and as well as her. Finally, James picks up the phone from behind the door.

    Siu Ping (crying): James, I’m so sorry. I don’t think that you can forgive me, which I don’t think will happen anyways. But, I just called to tell you how much I need you. Bye.

    James runs out from behind the door.

    James: Wifey!!!

    Siu Ping: James, why are you here? The lawyer said that you left an hour ago.

    James: This has all been a scene set up my Sarah and me, after you called her last night.

    Siu Ping: Sarah…

    Sarah: See, you helped Henry and me, so I helped you guys. And besides, I really want to see you guys back together.

    Siu Ping: Wow, I was tricked. But, James, you really signed the divorce papers.

    James: I know. But, we can get married again. It’s summer, my bride.

    Siu Ping: Right now.

    Lawyer: This the is the first time ever that I saw a couple getting divorced and then married again on the same day. Well, guys what are we waiting for? Let’s begin.

    Sarah: Before we begin, can I ask for something? Can Henry, Betsy, and M.C. attend?

    Siu Ping: Who’s Betsy and M.C.?

    Sarah: Well, it’s a long story. Let me just make a call.

    Sarah calls Henry, Betsy, and then M.C. to come to Siu Ping and James’ ‘wedding’.

    An hour later, everybody arrived.

    Lawyer: Can we begin the ceremony now?

    Sarah: Yes, everyone has arrived.

    Lawyer: Do you, James Jim, take Sandra Chai Siu Ping as your lawfully wedded wife, again? Do you promise to take care of her through sickness and poverty?

    James: Yes, I do.

    Lawyer: Do You Sandra Chai Siu Ping, take James Jim as you lawfully wedded husband again? Do you promise to take care of him?

    Siu Ping: Yes, yes. I do.

    Lawyer: The groom may now kiss the bride.

    The groom and bride does as told. Betsy starts to drop some tears. M.C., sitting right next to her hands her a piece of tissue.

    Betsy: Thank you, it’s just so emotional.

    M.C.: So, if you marry me, you’ll be shedding hundreds and hundreds drops of tears, right?

    Betsy: Who ever said that I was marrying you?

    M.C.: Fine, I’m sure there are tons other girls that would want a surgeon to become their husband.

    Betsy: Hmm, I’m not so sure about that.


    Siu Ping: James… are you going back to Singapore?

    James: Nope, not until I see Henry and Sarah getting married.

    Siu Ping: Well, living in a hotel is so expensive, especially in a suite of a five star hotel. We should rent an apartment.

    James: Sure.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    yes, this 'epi' turned out EXTRA long, for some reason. And yes, Siu Ping and James were based entirely on TVB's sitcom 'Best Selling Secrets.' I have missed this couple so much that i had to type out their love story. After all, i have not seen the two for almost 200 episodes! Can you believe that? Well, so enjoy, and i will update by 7/10. oh yes, now that Henry & Henry and Siu Ping (Sandra) & James are back together, i will think about the other doctors and nurses, and then how can i forget about BERMO (Betsy and M.C.) Don't worry, and stayed tuned.
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    hello. i love what you're writing! please continue! i love sarah and henry. PLEASE PLEASE continue:):)
  9. JulianKevin

    JulianKevin Well-Known Member

    Please update. I want to know when will Betsy marry Moses? More on them please.
  10. love_of_tvb

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    I will continue... Just bear a few more days.
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    hahah. i'll be waiting!!!! :)
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    Guys, refresh your memory by rereading the character list.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Henry: Sarah, how does dinner sound tonight, with me?
    Sarah: Great.
    Henry: I’ll pick you up after work. What time?
    Sarah: Like 8.
    Henry: Ok, see you then.
    Sarah: Bye.
    Sarah blows Henry a kiss in the air.
    ================== TRAINEE’S RESTING ROOM =====================
    Candy (Charmaine): Anne, how’s the dates going along with my brother?
    Anne (Myolie): Get to the point. My brother said that he believes in fate. So, good luck, is all I can say.
    Candy: Thanks for your wonderful advice.
    David (Bosco) walks in. Ken (Kevin) walks in with his brother Alexander (Ron).
    David (Bosco): Anne… Give Davie a kiss on the cheeks.
    Anne: Sure. Come over to me.
    Anne kisses David.
    Ken: Did I just hear my name?
    Anne: Oh, bro. Stop imagining.
    Alexander: By the way, I have two tickets for the movies, and the bad thing is I’m busy tonight. Anyone interested?
    Ken snatches the tickets from Alexander.
    Ken: Thanks, bro.
    Anne: Wait a minute, Ken, you have two tickets. I’m guessing you won’t be mean enough to take two seats right?
    Ken: Well, that is quite true. Ann, do you want them? I’m sure that you and David can use them.
    Anne: Nah, we’re going to the beach after training and work today. That means that you are the only one able to use it.
    Ken: And, who am I going to go with?
    Anne: Ahh, Candy.
    Ken: Candy?
    Candy: Me?
    Anne (whispering to Candy): I’m trying to help here.
    Candy (whispering back): Thanks.
    Candy: Ken, I’m free after work today. I’ll treat you to dinner after the movie.
    Ken: That would be great. Then, I’ll treat you to dessert.
    Candy: Thanks in advance.
    Anne: Wait a sec, Xander, why are you busy tonight?
    Alexander: Well, I don’t have to tell you all my stuff.
    Ken and Anne: Come on, bro… Give us your schedule, we’ll tell mom that you were a good boy, so you won’t have to help out at the store.
    Alexander: That’s a great deal!
    Ken and Anne: You’ll think.
    Alexander: But… no.
    Anne: Fine, be like that.
    Alexander: That’s how I stay cool.
    As they were having their chat, two other people walked in.
    Mindy (Mandy Cho): Hi, guys, you must be the new trainees.
    Stephen (Stephen Huynh): Ah, yeah, what else do they look like?
    Mindy: Why are you so mean you so mean to me all of a sudden?
    Anne: Umm, excuse me, you two are?
    Mindy: Hello, my name is Mindy, and I am the new teacher for the trainees.
    Stephen: And, I am Stephen, also the new teacher for the trainees.
    Anne, Ken, Alexander, and Candy: Nice to meet you two!
    Mindy: Actually, we just came back from our honeymoon to Hawaii.
    Stephen: Well, someone was so hardworking that she had to come back to the office while still on vacation.
    Mindy: What? I miss work.
    Anne and David: Oh, really? Congratulations!
    Anne: When did you guys get married?
    Stephen: Let’s see. Like half a year ago.
    David: Woah, you went on honeymoon for half a year?
    Anne: To Hawaii?
    Candy: You guys must be rich!
    Stephen: You can say that, because my family has this whole cooperation business thing that I’m not interested on. I think the company is a magazine company with an advertising company.
    Mindy: Well, we had planned to go for two weeks, but this guy decided to stay longer. He said he liked the weather in Hawaii.
    Candy: Isn’t it like really humid there?
    Mindy: Yeah, I bet Stephen here just wanted to enjoy the beauties there.
    Stephen: No, I would never do that… Besides, you’re next to me all the time.
    Candy (whispering to Anne): Oh no, this argument is getting heated up.
    Anne: Yep.
    ====================== AFTER WORK =============================
    C.C.: Hey guys, so what are we doing after work today:

    Anne: Well, David and I, we are going to shop for new clothes today.
    C.C.: Oh, you’re going to leave me alone to go on a date?
    David: C.C., face the facts. Get a girl and be cool.
    CoCo walks into the room.
    CoCo (Joyce Tang): Hey cousin!
    David (shuttering): Ah… cooussin, what are you doing in Hong Kong?
    CoCo: I came for a visit to see my online date nicknamed as ‘The Cutie Cupcake.’
    Anne (whispering to David): Why do you seem so scared of your cousin.
    David flashbacks to fifteen years ago.
    David (whispering): After my uncle and aunt’s divorce, my parents took my cousin into our house to take care of care. At first, Candy and I didn’t really mind. But then, we found her raging our rooms. She said she wanted to protect us when she scared all of our friends away so that we could play with her. She is crazy I’m telling you. Don’t go near her. Please tell me she’s not going to stay with us.
    CoCo: David!
    David: Yes cousin.
    C.C.: Wait, you said ‘The Cutie Cupcake’?
    CoCo: Yeah, and who are you?
    C.C.: You don’t seem like ‘Pretty and Beautiful.’
    CoCo: What are you talking about? You haven’t answered my question yet.
    C.C.: Um, I’m ‘The Cutie Cupcake’.
    CoCo: Ahhh, Oh my God!!
    David: Ahh, cousin, I have to get going, have fun with your online date.
    CoCo: Go. Go. Go.
    C.C.: You’re…
    CoCo: CoCo’s my real name.
    C.C.: Ah, I’m so excited to see you!
    CoCo: What are you doing after work?
    C.C.: I don’t know.
    CoCo: I found you my love.
    C.C.: Yes, darling. You have found me.
    CoCo and C.C. leave the hospital. The two loners have found their true love through the Internet.
    ======================== SARAH’S OFFICE =========================
    Henry peeks in.
    Sarah: Yes, Mr. Lai.
    Henry: Are you ready for dinner.
    Sarah: Give me another ten minutes.
    Henry: So you want your boyfriend, me, to starve.
    Sarah: Ok, ok let me grab my jacket.
  13. love_of_tvb

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    Sarah and Henry arrive at the restaurant. They sit down and start to eat.
    Sarah: Henry, isn’t that M.C.?
    Henry: Yes, that is. What his he doing he?
    Sarah: So, he’s still not over with Betsy yet? What happened to playboy M.C.?
    Henry: He just hasn’t been himself for the past few weeks. I guessed Betsy affected him a lot.
    Sarah: Yeah, I can see that.
    Sarah and Henry walk over to where M.C. is sitting.
    Henry: Hey, M.C. Chan!
    M.C.: Oh hey, lovely birds.
    Sarah: What are you doing here?
    M.C.: Oh, I’m just drinking my night off.
    Sarah: You’re a doctor. Man up. Even though you broke up doesn’t mean you two can’t get back together.
    Henry: Yeah, look at Sarah and me.
    M.C.: You two are different. You went through so much together.
    Sarah: M.C., come on… If Betsy sees you like this, I’m sure she will stay with her decision. She will leave you the way you are right now. But, if you man up and show her what you really are, she will probably reconsider things between the two of you.
    Henry: M.C., I better see the old you tomorrow morning.
    Sarah: Henry, let’s go and leave him to himself. He has a lot of things to think about.
    Henry: Alright, let’s go.
    Sarah and Henry leave the restaurant.
    ========================== AT THE BEACH ========================
    Alexander (Ron Ng): Citlali, why did you drag me all the way here?
    Citlali (Tavia Yeung): You owe me three wishes, remember?
    Alexander: Miss, it’s two in the morning. Can you let me go? I want to sleep. I have work tomorrow morning.
    Citlali: Well, this is the first wish. I want someone to look at the stars with me.
    Alexander: Can I sit with you at the beach at another time? Right now, I only wish to sleep.
    Citlali: Please…
    Alexander: Don’t do that. I’m just going to go anyways.
    Citlali: Fine, if you want a girl to sit here alone, then go home.
    Alexander: Ok, I’m going to sit here and see what you’re up to.
    Citlali: Look at the stars. They’re so pretty.
    Alexander: I can’t believe I would actually promise you three wishes after that incident.
    Citlali: Good thing I took kungfu lessons when I was little.
    Alexander: Or else, I would have fallen down the stairs.
    Citlali: Yes, it’s good that you know.
    They continue looking at the evening sky. Citlali is enjoying it. Alexander is hating it.
    Citlali: Wow, the stars are so beautiful across the sky.
    Alexander: Miss, is it like you never saw stars before?
    Citlali: But, it’s different with someone else…
    Alexander: You have parents too, you know.
    Citlali: Although I grew up in a fairly well family in terms of economic status, my parents were almost never home. I was brought up by a maid. She seems closer to me than my parents.
    Alexander: Well, I see that we do have some things in common. You see, in my family, I was never noticed. My parents only seemed to care about Anne and Ken. I seemed almost like the “invisible one”. I did great in school, but they didn’t really even care for me. I felt like an outsider.
    Citlali: Hmm, it seems that we lost the love of our parents. So, now do you understand why I like to view the stars with someone.
    Alexander: Well, how are your parents nowadays?
    Citlali: Well, using their retirement funds right now, they often travel around the world. Occasionally, I receive a postcard or two from them. What about you?
    Alexander: My parents moved back to the U.S. They live in the rural area in the Midwest.
    Citlali: Wow, we do have a lot in common.
    Alexander: Now that you made me seem so uncaring, I’ll sit until you say I can leave. But, it better not be 9 A.M. tomorrow morning. I have work to do.
    Citlali: Ok…
    They finally relax after the climax of the heated argument came to a downfall.
    Alexander: Well, the stars are so bright, the evening sky is so dark, and it’s so peaceful here.
    Citlali: Shh… Listen to the gentle waves.
    Alexander: Yes, I hear it.
    ======================= MOVIE THEATER ==========================
    Ken (Kevin): So, how did you like the movie.
    Candy (Charmaine): It was sad at the end. I can’t believe the guy would leave the girl after all they’ve been through.
    Ken: Well, things are always unexpected.
    Candy: So, how does dinner sound? I’m starving.
    Ken: Cool, let’s go.
    Candy: What do you want to eat?
    Ken: I think I’ll stick with Chinese food.
    Candy: Oh, let’s try that new buffet that opened across from the hospital.
    Ken: Sure, why not.
    ====================== HOSPITAL ================================
    Johnny (Johnson Li): Em, why do you seem so sad?
    Emily (Chan Hoi Yee): I just got dumped by my boyfriend over the phone.
    Johnny: It’s ok. There are plenty of other guys out there.
    Emily: No, you don’t understand.
    Johnny: Tell me about it.

    Emily: Well, he was my first and only girlfriend. And he’s dumping me now because I don’t spend enough time with him.
    Johnny: Mmm Hmm.
    Emily: How do I spend time with him? I work at the hospital with different shifts every week.
    Johnny: To tell you the truth, I just got dumped by my girlfriend.
    Emily: I’m sorry to mention it.
    Johnny: It’s ok. I got over it. She cheated on me and pushed the blame on me.
    ======================= PANAROMA ==============================
    Betsy is taking her break and drinking her coffee.
    M.C.: Hey, on break?
    Betsy: Yeah, I got about ten minutes left.
    M.C.: Oh.
    Betsy: You?
    M.C.: Oh, I just came a little earlier to eat something and drink a cup of tea. I’m going to sit over there.
    Betsy: Oh.
    M.C.: Alright, I’m going to go to the counter and get my food.
    Betsy: M.C., wait…
    M.C.: Do you need me?
    Betsy: Do you want to sit here?
    M.C.: I don’t know. I don’t mind.
    Betsy: Sit.
    M.C. and Betsy finally starts to have a real conversation again.
    Betsy: So, how has everything been?
    M.C.: Pretty much the same. What about you?
    Betsy: Well, you know…
    There is silence for three minutes.
    Betsy: How’s Joe?
    M.C.: He’s coming back for the summer.
    Betsy: Are you going to go anywhere with him?
    M.C.: Nah, I don’t really have to. Martha’s good with him.
    Betsy: I heard Martha remarried.
    M.C.: Yeah, she married Jonathan.
    Betsy: Hmm…
    M.C.: So, we haven’t talked in a while right?
    Betsy: Yeah, after that night, we just kind of dimmed off and went our own ways.
    M.C.: Betsy, you know things could have been better…
    Betsy: Anyways, I have to go… We can talk another time. The patients cannot.
    M.C.: Alright… Bye.
    ========================== BEACH ===============================
    Citlali had fallen asleep on Alexander’s shoulder.
    Alexander: Lali, it’s morning.
    Citlali: Oh, wow, you actually sat here with me.
    Alexander: Yeah, and we both fell asleep.
    Citlali: Ok, let’s get going.
    Alexander: Yeah, it’s 7. We should go home and take a quick shower before going back to ‘Yan Oi’.
    Citlali: Totally.
    Alexander drives Citlali home. Citlali gives hima goodbye kiss.
    Alexander: What was that for?
    Citlali: Thank you for last night.
    Alexander: No problem.
    Both their hearts are racing and beating loudly and quickly.
    Alexander: Alright, I’ll see you later at the hospital.
    Citlali: Bye.
    Alexander does not start driving until Citlali reaches the door. They wave goodbye to each other.
    ========================= HOSPITAL =============================
    Paul: What is with all the trainees today?
    Henry Usually, they are so noisy, yapping all day. Today, they are so quiet.
    M.C.: Can anyone tell me what happened yesterday?
    Henry: Yeah, I want to know to.
    Candy: Well, I went to the movies with Ken.
    Alexander: Citlali dragged me to the beach to see the stars.
    Emily: And Johnny and I… well, we just talked…
    Paul: But, what’s with all the awkwardness and silence?
    M.C.: Yeah, I would like to know too.
    Henry: And I’m supposed to be the best gossiper here.
    Paul: Yeah, but we’re just curious.
    Sarah: Hey Henry…
    Henry: Sarah is here to meet the interns.
    Paul: Sarah, did you see Frances?
    Sarah: She’s coming. She was just in the bathroom with me.
    Henry: Oh come on, Paul, can’t you just wait for another minute?
    Paul: Well, I will.
    Henry: How’s Betsy, Mr. M.C. Chan?
    M.C.: Well, we kind of talked yesterday at the Panaroma.
    Paul: And how did things go?
    M.C.: Awkward.
    Frances: Hi, I’m back!
    Sarah: Introduce yourself.
    Frances: Well, I just came back from Taipei to take pictures… and I…
    Henry: She’s the girlfriend of Paul.
    Paul: I’ll get you Henry. Watch out!
    Sarah: And, I just recovered from a car crash.
    All: Nice meeting you.
    ====================== PANAROMA ONCE AGAIN ===================
    Sarah: So, M.C., does Betsy still seem to care for you?
    Henry: What did you talk about yesterday.
    M.C.: There was more silence than talking.
    Henry: Well, I have a plan.
    The three discuss their plan.
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    It might be too late to mention, but I just read from Wiki that Moses Chan is M.C. Lam and not M.C. Chan as I have been mentioning. Sorry.
  15. love_of_tvb

    love_of_tvb Well-Known Member

    The more the merrier, right?

    CHAPTER 13: OH NO…
    Henry and Sarah walk into Betsy’s office.
    Betsy: Hey lovelybirds.
    Henry: Hey lonesome one.
    Betsy: Back on track with Sarah.
    Sarah: Oh stop it. You have one waiting for you too.
    Betsy: Oh, I have work to do.
    Sarah: So, do you still have feelings for M.C. Lam?
    Betsy: No, we just lost it I guess.
    Henry: No, last time, we saw him at a bar and he was so down and he kept drinking.
    Betsy pretends to be flipping through files.
    Betsy: Ok, so you two lovey dovey came here to tell me how down he was.
    Henry: I know you want to know.
    Betsy: Face the facts, we broke up.
    Sarah: Betsy, answer the question straight to my face. Do you like him? Do you still want to be with him?
    Betsy: Well, I…
    Henry: Betsy, we’re only trying to help here.
    Betsy: I know, but I think this is more of my problem.
    Sarah: Why do you say that?
    Betsy: Well, I rejected his proposal and then we just stopped talking from there.
    Angel: Oh My God!!! Betsy…
    Henry (pretending): Oh, what happened?
    Angel: M.C. was in a car crash!!!
    Sarah (pretending): How did this happen?
    Angel: M.C. was driving when a drunk driver hit him.
    Betsy (all frustrated): Do people know how to drive? I can’t believe this.
    Angel: Why are you all still standing here? Don’t you want to see him.
    Sarah: Let’s go Henry.
    Henry: Betsy, are you going?
    Sarah: Stop asking her already…She doesn’t even care for M.C.
    Henry: Betsy, let’s go already.
    Betsy: I have work to do.
    Henry: Fine, you’ll regret this.
    Angel: Stop the talking. Start the running.
    Henry: Alright, alright.
    Sarah: See you later Betsy.
    =================== EMERGENCY ROOM DOWNSTAIRS ===============
    Henry: How are you M.C.?
    M.C.: Where’s Betsy?
    Sarah: She should be coming.
    Betsy runs our of her office and into the Emergency Room.
    Betsy: M.C., what happened?
    Chris (Raymond Cho): Well, he was in a car crash.
    M.C.: Betsy, I’m glad you came.
    Betsy: Well, I couldn’t bear to see how you could just go.
    Betsy starts to tear.
    M.C.: Awh, don’t cry.
    Betsy: Chris, help him. He’s bleeding.
    M.C.: Betsy, will you marry me?
    Betsy: I don’t think we should be doing this at a moment like this. You need to be saved.
    M.C.: I’m fine… This was just a whole set up to trick you into seeing me.
    Betsy: Are you serious?
    M.C.: Yes, Sarah, Henry, and I took a lot of planning and thinking into this.
    Henry: We are the best directors, screenplays, and actors of the year!!!
    Betsy: M.C., why would you do this? Isn’t this too outrageous?
    Sarah: We just couldn’t bear to see M.C. drinking all the time.
    Henry: He needs you.
    Betsy: M.C., you could have just given me a call.
    M.C.: Betsy, so…?
    Betsy: This is unbelievable. You all tried to trick me into this? I’m not going for this. Bye.
    Henry: Wow, she changed.
    Sarah: No, she’s still strong and won’t go for anything else but her own decisions. Give her some time. She needs it.
    Chris: Sorry, M.C. I’m afraid we couldn’t help you.
    M.C.: No, it’s my fault. Maybe I really have to be in a car crash for her to reconsider things a little bit.
    Sarah: Oh, don’t say that. Touchwood.
    Chris: Wow, Sarah, you’re so religious now.
    Henry: Hey, she just recovered from cancer…
    Chris: Okay… Let’s think of Plan B.
    Sarah: You think. Plan A was our idea.
    Henry: Bye Chris…
    Chris: But… But…
    Sarah: Come on, you want to see Betsy and M.C. together too.
    Chris: Both of you are so selfish.
    Henry: Remember the one who came to my house when he had a fight with Anson. Then, when I tried to kick him out, he tried to make me regret doing that by taking my expensive wine to make cookies.
    Chris: You’re lucky this time. Anson… help me…
    Anson: What is it this time?
    Chris: Quick, think of a plan… because I need one.
    =========================== M.C.’S OFFICE ========================
    Steven knocks on the door.
    Steven (Steven Ma): Hey buddy.
    M.C. looks up.
    M.C.: Oh, Stevie, how’s everything?
    Steven: Well, you know I studied overseas in the U.S. to become a doctor and I just graduated. And since I love Hong Kong, I decided why not apply for ‘Yan Oi’. And they accepted me.
    M.C.: How’s the love life going?
    Steven: Oh, I married a wonderful girl.
    M.C.: Hmm, I would like to meet her one day.
    Steven: You will. You want to drink a cup of coffee or something and then chat?
    M.C.: Sure, give me ten more minutes. I have a break then.
    Steven: OK.
    ====================== BETSY’S OFFICE ===========================
    Linda knocks on the door.
    Linda (Linda Chung): Hey, Bets.
    Betsy: And you are?
    Linda: Linda, remember me? We went to the same high school?
    Betsy: You became so much prettier!!
    Linda: Yeah, I got married.
    Betsy: To who? His name is Steven…We met an the university.
    Linda: Ah, that seems interesting.
    Betsy: You wanna go for a drink?

    Linda: Sure.
    ========================== PANAROMA ===========================
    Linda: Hubby!
    Steven: Hey Wifey.
    Linda: Oh, Betsy, meet Steven.
    Steven: M.C., meet Linda.
    M.C.: Betsy? What are you doing here?
    Betsy: Obviously, I’m with my old buddy.
    Steven: Guys, let’s take a seat.
    Linda: So, you two know each other.
    Sarah enters with Henry.
    Henry: Of course they do. They used to date.
    Sarah: You mind if we sit?
    M.C. and Betsy: Yes.
    Steven and Linda: No. Please have a seat.
    Steven: And you two are?
    Henry: I’m Henry, I work in the ER.
    Sarah: And I’m Sarah.
    Steven: I’m Steven. Linda and I just graduated after many years of studying and experimenting. We will be working in this hospital in just a few weeks.
    Linda: And, we’re married.
    Sarah: Ah, nice. Are you two friends with Betsy and M.C.?
    Linda: You can say that.
    Henry: Well, good luck dealing with them.
    Linda: What do you mean.
    Sarah: You’ll see…
    ======================== THE NEXT DAY ==========================
    Sarah and Henry walk into Betsy’s office.
    Sarah and Henry: Hey Betsy.
    Betsy: So, what are you guys up to now?
    Sarah: Don’t think of us like that.
    Henry: We were only trying to help.
    Betsy: But in the wrong way.
    Angel: Betsy… Oh no…

    Betsy: Tell me about it. What happened now? Another car accident?
    Angel: Yes, another accident involving M.C. Except this time… it’s true.
    Henry: Where is M.C.?
    Angel: He just arrived at downstairs in the ER.

    Sarah: What happened?
    Angel: He was crossing the street when a drunk driver hit him.
    Betsy: You know, I have to say, you three have great acting skills.
    Angel: Betsy, it’s real.
    Betsy: Oh, ok. Oh, should I take a look?
    Angel: Yes, you should… He is badly injured.
    Henry: Betsy, trust us. It’s true.
    Sarah: This is not another scheme.
    Angel: Guys, stop arguing. We should head downstairs to see.
    Sarah: Alright, let’s get going.
    Henry: Betsy, are you going?
    Betsy: No, this isn’t working, you know.
    Angel: Ok, let’s go.
    =================== EMERGENCY ROOM ===========================

    Henry: Chris, how’s M.C.?
    Chris: His condition is stable now, but he lost a lot of blood.
    Sarah: Oh no… What happened exactly?
    Chris: According to some sources, he was walking, when a drunk driver hit him. He just fainted.
    Sarah: Anyone else injured?
    Henry: Ok, let me take a look.
    Henry sees M.C., all bloody and in need of care.
    Henry: Sarah, can you please call Betsy down?
    Sarah: Yeah, I am.
    Betsy: Hi, Sarah, are you all expecting me to come down?
    Sarah: Betsy, please come down. M.C. is desperate for you.
    Betsy: Oh, but I have work to do. I’m not coming. Will you all just leave the two of us alone?
    Sarah: Please… Ok, I’ll take a picture and send it to you. I’m sure you will believe me then.
    After Betsy receives the picture…
    Betsy: Tell M.C. I am coming.
    Sarah: If you would have in the first place…
    Betsy goes downstairs screaming M.C.’s name.
    Betsy: M.C…. M.C….
    Henry: M.C., Betsy is here.
    Chris: Since another car accident happened, more patients are coming in. M.C. has to go to the patient ward.
    ======================= PATIENT WARD ===========================
    Betsy: M.C., can you hear me?
    Henry: I need to go back downstairs.
    Sarah: I’ll stay here for a little longer.
    Betsy: Ok.
    Henry: Bye.
    Betsy: M.C., wake up. It’s me, Betsy.
    Sarah: Calm down, Betsy. Give him some time.
    Betsy (crying): Why didn’t I just accept his proposal last time when everyone was helping him? I can’t believe I rejected him. I’m probably the cause for this.
    Sarah: Don’t blame yourself, Betsy. Many things happen unexpectedly. He’ll be ok. Just give him time to rest and recover.
    Betsy: Why would I do that??? If…
    Sarah: Things already happened. Just like it go. See, you are exactly what M.C. was when you broke up with him.
    Betsy: Now, I regret doing that. I really like him. I really do.
    Sarah: Betsy, you can’t change the past. But your future lies ahead of you and you can change that.
    ========================== 5 HOURS LATER =======================
    (Patient’s Ward)
    Betsy: M.C., M.C., are you awake yet?
    Henry: Hey, he’s still sleeping?
    Sarah: I guess.
    M.C. (weakly): Oh, what happened?
    Betsy: You got hit by a car.
    M.C.: What am I doing here?
    Henry: Hey M.C. is finally awake.
    Sarah: You know, these few hours were the longest of Betsy’s life.
    Betsy: Oh, don’t say that.
    M.C.: Wow, I didn’t know you’re that worried about me.
    Betsy: I admit it. I still love you and will for the rest of my life.
    M.C.: Me too.
    Henry: Remember how M.C. said he would have to be in a car crash to win Betsy’s heart again.
    Sarah: Yeah, I remember.
    M.C.: Well, unfortunately, that came to be true.
    Betsy: I’m sorry…
    M.C.: It’s ok darling. Everything is ok now.
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