Have you been to japan?

Discussion in 'Japanese Chat' started by xprlt, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. uraha

    uraha Well-Known Member

    I am going there next year. I have been saving money for my japan trip.
  2. frostshards

    frostshards Well-Known Member

    very clean but ppl in tokyo seem mean. i hear that other places in japan are better
  3. runfirst01

    runfirst01 New Member

    It is a good idea, I wish I have free time to go
  4. Azure_Sky

    Azure_Sky New Member

    i've been to their airport, on my way to US. lol. does that count? :))
  5. belinda364

    belinda364 Member

    I went to japan for a month to study abroad last summer. It was the best experience of my life!!!!
  6. bbes

    bbes Incredible

    nope but i wanna go. seems like a cool place to go to.
  7. Arisaki

    Arisaki Member

    Nope. T__T I would like to go there hopefully after college and live there, XD
    If I had the money, I would like to study there for college too.
  8. xprlt

    xprlt Well-Known Member

    okay, i was tehre 2 months, then travelled aroun d asia a bit, and after that, returned, and spend 2 months in tokyo. now im back home in holland.

    to motivate people;

    i say go. :) its a fantastic country, unlike any other. people in tokyo arent mean, just more reserved, which is only logical, in a city of 16 million people.
    our euro is strong now, so for people from europe, japan is cheaper then living at home right now.
    spring time is the best, but allso the busiest. the nightlife in tokyo is awsome. and its not hard to find palces in japan where they still look at foreigners asif youre a martian. and outside tokyo, people are just wonderfull, very friendly and helpful. travelling around in japan is easy, just get a rail pass. and the food is fantastic.
  9. bbes

    bbes Incredible

    u sure, im pretty sure that japan is very expensive, prob one of the most expensive places to go to. then again the euro is very strong at the mo.
  10. xprlt

    xprlt Well-Known Member

    well im from the netherlands, allso a rather expensive country, but lots of things were even half price of what i pay at home.
  11. mooiced

    mooiced Well-Known Member

    Yea i was there like two months ago. A great experience. The time i went was when sakura was blooming..soo it was really pretty.
  12. kat_zoe

    kat_zoe Active Member


    I would like to go there,becauce I love japanese food & I like japanese culture
  13. uryu

    uryu Well-Known Member

    no :( but i have a calendar with a diff picture of the season changes every two months =D i wanna go there so badly, to check out the sceneary/city
  14. metzo

    metzo Well-Known Member

    stuff there is expensive =|

    i rkn its only fun wen u tour by urself rather than with a tour group..but thats my opiinion! other than that its pretty fun ther =]
  15. Yowie

    Yowie Active Member

    We went last year in April and found it surprisingly cheaper than we expected. It's a much better experience travelling by yourself as you can really try to do what "normal japanese" do. Want to go back to Hokaido just for the food :D
  16. kenryuakuma

    kenryuakuma Active Member

    Damn! Let me tell u what...Once you have been to Tokyo, u never wanna come back. It is a paradise for shoppers and Osaka is also a place where you could have urself experience the Tech world in Japan.
  17. onni

    onni Well-Known Member

    i've been to japan twice. once stayed there for a month and the 2nd tme was just few days. the country is fantastic. i like the country very much. even the people there are very nice and polite. it's a very clean place. i would like to go there again. again...this will cost a bomb. it's too too expensive to go now.
  18. eternity_00

    eternity_00 New Member

    nope, i'd love to visit there though
  19. Natsu

    Natsu Well-Known Member

    been to Japan not long ago. originally didnt expect to go as I was only going to Hong Kong for a month, until a friend from Hong Kong asked me to go to Japan as part of a tour and i wasnt sure about the whole tour thing but meh, gave it a go, at least there is someone to direct you to certain places rather than get lost hopelessly. Loved Japan since i was a kid and always wanted to go there and I have to say, even though it was for a week, it was incredible and having to pay for less than £400 for the whole package to Japan. definiitely worth it!!!

    * got to see Mount Fuji which was incredible
    * going to a Hot Spring spa in Hakone - loved it :D green tea, coffee, sake, red wine <3 <3
    * the chance to ride on Fujiyama in Fuji-Q Highland - roller coaster ride which peaks at 79 metres high. awesome stuff :D
    * Shinjuku in Tokyo - incredible place for commercial shopping <3
    * Yokohama was nice too :D
    * Disneyland Resort - not a big fan of disney myself but i went anyway and the Japanese kids are crazy and there were too many of them as it was its 25th anniversary ^^
    * Japanese food - absolutely amazing :D <3 Japanese ramen noodles and all sorts of other stuff, cant remember names but ate them anyway :D and Sake <3 <3 got me hammered quick on those >.<

    but as a whole it was a really nice experience and I would like to go again, and if i could, it would be one of the city i would most definitely live in, but need to brush up on my japanese language skills. did try to use what i could from my one semester of Japanese there though and when speaking to them in English, it was hard for them to understand >.< they are really polite and always give you a nice welcome ^^
  20. Nostalgika

    Nostalgika New Member

    im there for the first time right now and will be here for 6 weeks. I noticed Japanese people don't wear shades as much o.0