Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Maverick, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Maverick

    Maverick Lord Vader

  2. khaotic

    khaotic Fobulous

    is it fake? :O
  3. Maverick

    Maverick Lord Vader

    How will create a 659 pages fake book!!!
  4. khaotic

    khaotic Fobulous

    Easy. You just write nothing -rolleyes

    So this isn't fake? You've dled it Mav?
  5. Maverick

    Maverick Lord Vader

    Yep <_<
  6. BabyRain

    BabyRain Doppelgänger of da E.Twin

    For some reason, I do collect HP, but i buy the books... hehe. So gonna wait for it... 21st July!!!
    Not into downloading books. :)
  7. Maverick

    Maverick Lord Vader

    But you can have a sneak preview of what is going to happen to HP.
    Now ya have to wait until Friday
  8. cutiedrm

    cutiedrm Well-Known Member

    I want to watch the movie and i can't wait to watch it.
  9. BabyRain

    BabyRain Doppelgänger of da E.Twin

    ^Hehe I have got the books in my collection, but I have decided not to read it until I catch the movies first. I read the first 4, and then I found it boring to be watching the movies coz I know what is going to happen. So now, I'll switch the other way... :p
  10. Maverick

    Maverick Lord Vader

    Movie and book can be 3 totally different thinks. I usually read before going to the movies. This makes it more interesting :D

    Gee, look like there are no HP fans in PA. Nobody THANKed me -cry2
  11. khaotic

    khaotic Fobulous

    I'll thank you mav :D.... So tempted to DL it, but I must wait.......
  12. BabyRain

    BabyRain Doppelgänger of da E.Twin

    Why would it make it more interesting to read before going to the movies? Hmm, for me it's the other way around :p I usually found it boring if I read a book and then watch the movie..

    I found Harry Potter movie a little boring, and so did Da Vinci Code... I watched LOTR and THEN read the book, that was interesting hehe. So was Hannibal (movie then book).
    I guess people have different preference.

    The books are usually the more elaborated versions, so if you have read then you watch the movie, you get really bored.. but if you watch the movie then read the book, you find new stuff :p
  13. The_Jelly

    The_Jelly NSFW? :P

    I'm going to wait as well. Nice find though.
  14. Maverick

    Maverick Lord Vader

    If you are waiting for the movie to come out, It will take a while before that happens.
  15. Jamien

    Jamien Well-Known Member

    I'm same with BBRain I guess. I have all the books and it woud ruin it to read it now. Just a few more days... It's to be a birthday present so I can't dl it.

    I'm a real deal harry potter fan! I just hate the movies. After you read the books, the movies would look like a complete rip off. As such, I find movie 1-4 for harry potter god awful. They cut out or alter all the good parts! Plus some of the figures in the movie clashes with th description in the books. So i'm not watching the order of the phoenix.
  16. honkiebonkie

    honkiebonkie Well-Known Member

    man this is not cool..
    shouldn't of made it for download..
  17. reflection

    reflection Well-Known Member

    We not only have leaked movies and games now, but leaked books as well. o.o

    That is one ridiculously labour intensive task for so little.
  18. BabyRain

    BabyRain Doppelgänger of da E.Twin

    Why is it not cool? You got double standards for movies/series/songs?
    Those are still piracy and this is piracy. It's the same thing.
    If you are saying this ain't cool, then I assume you have never uploaded/downloaded any stuff illegally eh? <_<
  19. smallrinilady

    smallrinilady Well-Known Member

    I"m Avoiding This!!!!!!!
  20. pirvee

    pirvee Well-Known Member

    Is it just 659 pages -what? thats quite dissapointing for the last part of HP ... i hoped for more.....