Halina Tam Holds Back Tears Trying on Wedding Gown

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    Thursday, May 24, 2007 Hong Kong

    Halina Tam Holds Back Tears Trying on Wedding Gown

    Halina Tam and insurance hero fiance Eric dated for just a year before they announced their plans t marry and the happy couple were discovered trying on their wedding outfits at a studio yesterday. However, as Halina's beloved pet dog has just died, she was holding back the tears and her sadness.

    Having revealed her marriage plans earlier, Halina and Eric attended a studio in Tsimshatsui to try on their wedding gowns. Treated as VIP's throughout, the bride-to-be tried on a number of outfits, whilst Eric tried on some tailed jackets. They showed off their loving as Eric often brushed his fiancee's hair and even asked the assistants to play the Miss Hong Kong theme tune when Halina tried on the tiaras.

    Halina reveals that their wedding will take place on 11th September at the Intercontinental Hotel, with a 45 table banquet. She also says that they met a year ago at a friend's birthday party. Asked if she minded the nickname 'Miss Hong Kong Killer' that he has been given, Halina said she did not mind at all: "He has told me all about it and it is in the past."

    However, Halina was a little upset yesterday because her beloved 'daughter' Lulu died of cancer yesterday morning. She says her pet had had an operation, but the wound did not heal and so she regretted putting her pet through two days of agony instead of letting her go peacefully. Halina feels that maybe Lulu knew she would be busy with her wedding preparations so she chose to depart a little earlier.

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    that sounds like a sweet couple
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    halina is indeed beautiful:D