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    he was just expressing his opinion, no need to hate him lol XD

    and about self confidence... guys without confidence won't make it far in the future... I have a classmate, he totally lacks confidence, his head turns red when he needs to give a presentation.... he turns blue when we are making fun of him, he turns black when a girl hugs him.... he has spend 5 years now with our class and he has been bullied for 5 years long. (I've to admit I was also an asshole too and also bullied him for a year... but then I stopped cuz it was pitiful) I told him to get his self confidence back and defend himself when he got insulted, but no, he didn't. Sometimes even teachers make fun of him... On a day, he finally was brave enough to say something back and then my friend was like laughing, 'WHAT ARE YOU SAYING??' and then he turned his head towards the ground and ran away... seriously, he is like a girl and I think he won't make it far in society...
  2. this reminds me of the kid who got arrested for asking john kerry strange questions.. freedom of speech has limits. and its limits are when the expressed statements have a harmful intent.

    precedent: teacher teaches that holocaust never happened. (freedom of speech no? bs)
    precedent2: i think you are a fucking dumbass, but thats my opinion [example] (freedom of speech? bs again)

    theyre gonna make him suicidal
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    he just used the word 'loser' that wouldn't do much harm does it? :p

    well, the sickest thing is, that he actually tried it... In the third year, when we went to Capetown in South Africa during with our schooltrip (Amazing isn't it?? :p) my classmates were fucking him so much that he was yelling and crying.... he walked towards his window and stepped out of the window on the airco (we we're staying at the 17th floor of the hotel) A fucking airconditioner, which is like 50 by 50 cm and it doesnt look too stable... on the fucking 17th floor?!?!?! I dont know, but the feeling I had was like miserable....there was this shock in my head that I felt, watching him like almost dying or something, I dont know what he was thinking, but we have pulled him straight back to the room... It might sound like 'not really a big deal' but when you have experienced this.... it feels crazy....
  4. i know EXACTLY how it feels. thats why when i see bullying, i kick their asses.
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    ye, after that I have never bullied anyone in a nasty/rude way, only like just playing with them/annoy them for fun, just like teasing them :p
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    well then, maybe i should keep my mouth shut whenever i hurt myself... =P
    haha but then you wouldn't have such a great time making fun of me...
    dude seriously, i still didn't say you were laughing!

    if i remind you of the dude arrested in the kerry vid, u remind me of the cops in that vid. who are you to judge what i say is harmful? if anything... angie would tell me to shut up, but then again i wouldn't take her seriously on that either. don't take me seriously dude... if everyone on PA was so serious, i wouldn't be here. also my term of 'loser' is like a goofy dork. how can you interpret it in anyway insulting? and doesnt that fit the bill for angie? goofy dork... but with a sharp tongue. haha
  7. buddy.... read again. i said "this" referring to the situation. and IF the situation were a bit graver, meaning, IF your comment (joking or not) HAD been one of insult (meaning it WASNT), THAT situation reminded me of the kerry incident.

    no where did i say you remind me of the kid in the kerry incident.
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    OMG....what are u the holy protector of all guys in here....?! Do u have to defend all ur boyfriends on PA?
    We are just joking around...who says anything about hating.......did wheezo ask u for help?

    i think ur like a girl fact i think ur like a mother bird protecting its little ones.....

    Hahahaa...okok i wasnt smiling too ok...
    did u PM ur buddy chi_man for help or what? cuz he seems to backing ur ass up....
    u guys have this lil nasty underground thingy going on or what?
    anyway wheezo u know im kidding right?
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    Uh... ok? Am I missing something here?
  10. MissCheekS

    MissCheekS Reconnaîssant ❤ example go to brown bear's "kiss me" thread on performers section if interested or just read this thread its all on not talking bs haha
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    u lie... u were so smiling, in fact, ur actually smiling right now and u hate me cuz im right. =) and if i was next to you, you'd probably hit me too! angie kidding? no way...

    chi_man is cool. he knows when ppl are joking. =) and i dont have to PM ne GUY on the forum for help, they're like "o no, another poor sap bein targeted by angie again, MUST HELP HIM" hahah jk =)

    @dann alright, so this situation reminds u of kerry incident... it's basically implied that i'm similar to the kid=) as it may seem like i could have passed some limit. but okay, let's drop this... =) but u did say "id keep quiet if i were u" but ur not me... and why would you keep quiet?
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    this is boring
  13. dont want lady up here after my ass like kodak.

    hi cheeks =)
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    hahaha...kodak asked for it....
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    talk bout borin... zZzz
    im not sure what would entertain u if ur on 24/7.
    do u sleep?

    @dann... ooOooh, makes sense, especially seein how crazy the "ladies" here r.
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    dont worry about that surely aint u whos entertaining me....
    im not on 24/7 i just happen to have a relaxing job...and after work when im not out i go online or do other stuffz
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    u can really write a book... how to be a bia... for dummies.
    was just wonderin, seen u online for awhile... late night, early afternoon, evening..
    what job was that again? that's what i use to do when i was working... but semester started.

    anyway on topic, i just wanted to say guys who r cocky in a humorous way is cool.
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    cockiness in a playful way is charming!!! haha
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    hahaha...i bet u will buy that book so u can figure out how to handle them ha?
    its my internship at software company

    btw dont u know i live in a different timezones...hence why u see me on those hours...
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    Why are there so much hate in the forums? Can't we all just get along.

    In terms of the topic, I think most girls want a guy that is confident in their own abilities.