Guangzhou's Chocolate City & Its Social Consequence

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    I've followed with interest, how China's attempts at globalization over the last decade has meant increasing contacts with peoples that Chinese would seldom mix (for more than a century). During the colonial age, Asian, and especially Chinese single men were sent to far flung places (Africa, Cuba, Jamaica, US) as cheap labor. Not all, but many eventually stayed and began lives with and as locals. This had given us a blended culture with a Chinese flair that was distinctly unique and not found elsewhere. Anyone who has ever tasted "Chino-Latino" cuisine knows this. A hundred years of Chinese immigration retrenchment curtailed this as fewer left China during the republican era; none after the communist 1949 takeover. Now, with regular immigration established, Chinese immigrants travel with families or return to marry. There isn't the same miscegenation pressure that there once was.

    But, it seems that that same colonial phenomenon is recurring in China itself, as thousands of single Africans seeking business and other economic opportunity have flocked to China, and in particular Guangzhou, where a tiny "Africatown" enclave has sprouted. Given the close daily intercourse (no pun intended) of their dealings and socialization there, it's inevitable that some would become more involved, eventually intermarrying and setting up homes with the locals.

    IMHO, China needs this sort of contact with the rest of the world in order to better facilitate its entry into a global community, not one based solely on economic dealings, but one in which the people involved have a lot more at stake in one another.
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    Nice southern China. They're smart to speak both Canto and Mando dialogue. Not as ignorant as their Norhtern counterparts. Agree with you there def need a mixture of cultures to open their eyes. Take the good and not the bad.