Goofs? Mistakes?

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  1. gawain187

    gawain187 Well-Known Member

    I found one goof.

    During Episode 37 Ah Dee and Ah meh + Ko B and Leh wanted to get a mobile phone for Ko lai because she made them miss a buffet and they wanted to contact her. But Doesnt she already have one? I remember back on some episode she made a call outside the balcony about gaining weight from coming hong kong. What does everyone think?
  2. yayitzmonica

    yayitzmonica Well-Known Member

    Actually, I think that she was using a home phone when she called about gaining weight...
  3. chubbyheaded

    chubbyheaded Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah...
    But maybe that was a house Phone???~
  4. Stephanie_Ng18

    Stephanie_Ng18 Well-Known Member

    yea it was a house phone
    but actually, I found one mistake
    Dai Hao Lei wrote on ICQ that she lived in Pao Mai Dai, but during the rest of the episodes they claimed that they lived in North Point. tehee
  5. gawain187

    gawain187 Well-Known Member

    Ahh, well spot. I totally fumbled with mine.