Good Ending? Good Series?

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  1. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    What did you think of the ending and the whole series? Good, or bad?

    Discuss your thoughts here! :xd:

    I personally found the series interesting and it makes you want to watch more. Overall, I would rate it 7.5/10. The ending was a bit obvious, happy ending always occur, cliched much? You decide.
  2. AC0110

    AC0110 Let the Fun Begin

    The ending was good...
    But when that killer was in the car... all the cops were just watching... I was like "Wow, this is so TVB" haha
  3. babs

    babs Well-Known Member

    series was ok. The middle got a bit boring as the cases werent so interesting. eps 13-22 were boring and then once his mom got kidnapped it got good again. they didnt rush the end like they normally do so it was a decent ending. predictable but that's how it normally is.
  4. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Happy ending = TVB style, but with the exception of some like D.I.E (when they made an alternate ending).

    I agree that they didn't rush the ending like they do in others. -innocent2

    I too found that part quite strange, why would all the cops be standing there? Wouldn't their natural instance kick in when that armoured guy was walking towards the car whilst everyone was holding a gun. Also, why would Kingsley be on his laptop doing nothing, he should've locked the door. -rolleyes
  5. Sho22

    Sho22 Member

    didn't expected the girl to attempt suicide though, pretty shock O_O
  6. turbobenx

    turbobenx .........

    the ending was pretty good. Pretty good series overall.
  7. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    not interested in the the RayTav love line, more interested in bernice & kenneth's and the cases, series in general is okay, ending is those typical ones......i like how the principal got kidnapped, one of the series' exciting scenes, kinda a waste for wong ho yin to be in that little role, it feels like he's leading viewers to his series replacing MOL---When Lanes Merge
  8. pOtentiaLeaver

    pOtentiaLeaver Well-Known Member

    the ending is completely spoiled by the scenes in the starting song anyway... you know that kingsley's mum isn't dead and they got back together at the end...
  9. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    I was just about to say this. Haha. you know Kings' mom is ok as you can ALSO see Kingsley proposing to SLM (Sai Lay Mui).

    I'll give this 8.5/10. This is one of the series that i was actually interested in, not just watching it because it because it's part of my drama-watching-daily-routine. If i never watched a TVB series before, i'll definately watch this one. I sooooo regret wasting my time catching up on Gem of Life =.=.

    Also, this is also one of the series that can have a sequel. Will definately look to a sequel and actually have TVB 100% scriptwriting. Hopefully more cases that requires more physics :).
  10. negiqboyz

    negiqboyz Well-Known Member

    I was thinking the same .. ah .. the criminal is running towards him and he has enough time to lock the door yet he didn't .. stupid .. gee Another one, when the brake of his car didn't work, I didn't see him pulling on his hand brake at all .. I was WTF .. what about putting your car in neutral and shit .. A lot of stuffs that I felt were common sense yet didn't seen to happen .. so much for a renounced physicist... lol

    Overall, the series gets a 5/10 for me. It appears that Kenneth Ma has more fun than any other guys in this series .. lol Frankly, Ray's acting didn't really convince me. The cases are barely passing .. not all that interesting and predictable too.
  11. silentjess

    silentjess Well-Known Member

    am watching the finale now and spotted this spelling error which i laughed my ass off.

    the sign on the door after the fire broke out at the art gallery
    " Major Incicent Investigation & Disaster Support System"

    hahaha! can't they QC their arts department?

    yah, why TVB like to ruin shows by making the endings included in the previews.

    i like the series as a whole and was happy to see Raymond Wong in the finale!
    the part where tavia said she even cut herself..i'm shock too.
    anyway, happy ending we all like! (but i don't like how all the couples in the show use Marriage as reconciliation, etc)
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  12. love_of_tvb

    love_of_tvb Well-Known Member

    Well, it would have been better if it showed a little bit more about Tavia and Kenneth.
  13. superbug9

    superbug9 Well-Known Member

    I believed the last case with the mom being kidnapped was the most interesting case of all. Why can't TVB has more cases like this throughout the whole series. I'm happy that there was a happy ending but I didn't like that fact that Tavia accepting Kingsley and all he said was "thank you"...Shouldn't he have hug and kiss her or something....all he did was stood there and said thank you....

    Overall I like the series because of Raymond and Tavia. I felt that Kingsley could have been a more emotional character...He seems kind of stiff....

    Also with the scene where the kidnapper was walking toward Kingsley's car, why didn't Kingsley lock his door..Then when the kidnapper got into the car and locked it and started the poison, why didn't the cops shot the windows of the car? That was kind of stupid that the cops all just stood there and watch what happen to Kingsley.

    And also with Kingsley's car loosing the brake, I had the same thought as others....why didn't he use his hand brake or put the car in neutral...This is obivious the bad writers of tvb...

    Overall, I love the show...Hope there is a sequel since I love Tavia and Raymond....
  14. ralphrepo

    ralphrepo Well-Known Member

    TVB has always played fast and loose; best way to lose an audience, IMHO. But hey, it's their loss.

    When there are so many elements that are simply implausible, viewer interest will wane. Plus, the "happy" ending is stupidly played before every episode as a part of the intro; so what's the sense in watching if the intro is already a spoiler?

    As for Tavia and Raymond; I never liked either. However, I respect Tavia because she can really act. Raymond on the other hand, has about as much talent as blank wall. Even the second and third tiered Keh Leh Feh's (Tavia's family members, PC on the police team, and Kingsley's parents) each have a lot more acting talent than him. Raymond is just there because he's a nice face for the ladies to look at.
  15. michelle7879

    michelle7879 Well-Known Member

    as usual already know it's happy ending, but i stil enjoy e series, cos love to watch those cases and i do feel Tavia play the role well as police-women, and i like Kenneth and Bernice too, although they did not put much more scene on their relationship, but they're pretty sweet too... any way, most i like is Fung Yi colaps.. and the ending, ok , pretty sweet
  16. whitenight

    whitenight Well-Known Member

    Personally I thought this series was a disappointment. It seemed to me that the writers didn't really know what to write to move the story along and to keep it interesting. In the beginning it was alright then in the middle, the story kind of collapsed with all the relationship stuff. At first the cases were kind of interesting but then the last few cases were a major disappointment. Stalker and revenge for the brother? Seen it way too many times. I thought the ending wasn't that great as usual, how they got rid of the brother was kind of laughable. Personally i thought it was another average series.
  17. shinobi

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    very emotional when tavia said she committed suicide for ray...that was a surprise to me...the rest is average very TVB like at the end lol on the street proposal.
  18. lillazy

    lillazy New Member

    The ending was alright at least it's not full on rushed in the end. Though a few episodes regarding to their relationship was boring.
  19. onni

    onni Well-Known Member

    this series was ok, i enjoy it. but the ending when the killer walk straight to the car where kingsley was, i feel that the special squad were not fast enough to act.
  20. EvilTofu

    EvilTofu 吃|✿|0(。◕‿◕。)0|✿|吃

    the series was decent but it could had been so much better if the details were better and if they stop rushing the plots..