Gloria Tang denies losing dramas due to behaviour issue

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    Gloria Tang has recently dismissed speculations about her lack of new projects since "Take Two", saying that it has nothing to do with being "frozen" by TVB.

    As reported on On CC, the actress, who was promoted to lead actress status on the aforementioned drama, was recently asked about the fact of her lack of new projects, and rumours that she had been difficult to work with on the set of "Take Two".

    "Actually, there are things to do this year, but it's not something I can share right now. A producer actually wanted me for his series, but I have to go to Canada to visit my family, so I wasn't able to accept," she said.

    She also denied her supposed bad behaviour on set, saying that even the staff could vouch for her.

    As for returning to Canada, Gloria stated that she will be having an extended stay in the country as it has been four years since she saw her family, what with her busy schedule and the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic.

    The actress also responded to the negative news on Instagram, writing, "Recently, there have been too many untruthful news about me. At first, I felt a little unhappy, but then I felt that everything is clear. Anyway, the company and colleagues know the truth. In fact, half a year ago, because there was a private matter to deal with in Canada, I had applied for a holiday from the company for a period of time, so I didn't take any drama. So please don't worry this time. On the contrary, for this incident, I am very grateful to my colleagues and fans for their trust and comfort in me after the incident! Thank you all!"

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    LOL... Sounds a lot like excuse making, IMHO... :rolleyes:
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    She's nothing special. Frozen or not, it seems just right. Not everyone is like 高ling who appeared like 3-4 dramas consecutively. Sometime 1-2 dramas appearance is normal for artists.
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    Perhaps got knocked up? Going back to Canada to have the baby?
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    Agreed. Many of these statements are just fluff; one has to read between the lines. But seriously, when one starts with a litany of answers when really no one asks a question then the suspicion is, what is she really trying to hide? Too much talking always points to some sort of distraction attempt, IMHO...
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    I always get her and Moon mixed up...
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