Girlfriend sexually harassed at work.

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    Hello guys. I'm feel kind of puzzled right now, and I'm not quite sure how to help my gf.

    My gf was sexually harassed at work. I'm not sure what I could do about it.

    One morning, her manager asked her to sit in his car with him then they talked while his two hands were touching her hands. Then he asked her for a hug. He wouldn't let go of her when she pushed him away and then he touched the side of her breast as he slide his hand away from her body, then asked my gf for a kiss.

    She seemed really frightened about it when she told me about it that night. I told her to be carefully about it next time because I know that it will happen again. I wanted her to not work for this scumbag, but she insisted saying that he already apologized to her right after what he had done.

    I know that my gf a strong individual and she is able to overcome her problem by herself, but I feel like no matter what I try to do, she won't listen to me.

    This kind of reminds me of the Harvey Weinstein case that has been going on these couple of days. Is she trying to not to lose her job so she's avoiding to face her fear?
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  2. Phoenix

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    Your girlfriend needs to report this regardless.

    This could happen again not just to your girlfriend but to other people as well.

    Help to prevent. Be strong and supportive together.
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    i'm with her on this one, she needs to report this to HR, if anything backfires she should have lawyers/lawsuits as backup. Under no circumstances are any individuals allowed to touch another individual without permission. Especially in work place, these subjects are very touchy.

    Best of luck
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    these things dont hesitate otherwise it may get worse
  5. b-lee

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    I'd tell her to report to HR immediately, he most likely acted inappropriately towards other female colleagues and with enough reports he'll eventually get fired. On a side note, how did your girlfriend end up in his car in the first place? And why were they touching hands? That's odd.
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    Just read this thread belatedly so this reply is rather late. But in the above scenario, it is no longer sexual harassment when his hand groped her breast; it is ALREADY considered sexual assault. She should have called the police immediately. As an aside, depending on a company, HR may or may not take action given the bad press that such revelations could entail. Going to the police takes it totally out of their realm when detectives arrive and put him in handcuffs. Let the chips fall where they may. No job is worth being sexually assaulted. At any rate, I hope it all worked out for her.