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Discussion in 'The Rant Section' started by secluded, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. secluded

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    I'm usually on good terms with people, but there are these two guys that just won't leave me alone. In class they throw paper balls at me, spray their phlegm on my textbooks, and..I kid you not...threw flaming pieces of paper at my face. It's been going on for about three months and I think I'm gonna lose it!

    The sad part is that...I don't know what I did to deserve this treatment from them. I've never done ANYTHING to either of them before.

    So, I'm still trying to decide if I should do anything about it and what. Have any of you ever gotten picked on before by someone else or a group of people? What did you do? I really have no clue >.<
  2. PhY pHy

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    Wow....are u serious? Flaming pieces of paper? wow?
    I ALWAYZ been picked on...mainly cuz im short...and
    im guyz usually throw half eaten sandwiches
    at me....or like small pieces of food...but i alwayz stand up
    to them....i yell at their faces and usually the teacher comes
    and askes what happened...and then they would get their
    punishment....but i think u should talk to them...say hey...
    i need to talk to u...and ask them with a serious tone...
    and glaring might not work...cuz i dunnt how scary
    those guyz are...
  3. kdotc

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    yo how old r u..fuk this shit...stand up for urself and like talk bak and do stuff to them.....if u want join a gang or something then eff thsoe guys up then quit the gang lol jks.....don't let ppl push u around man
  4. secluded

    secluded Well-Known Member

    Well...I turned 16 last month.

    It's not really a matter of messing them up, I mean...I've been in tons worse situations like...knife fights, muggings, fist fights etc. but it's just that if I try to stand up for myself more likely than not they'll get a group of friends and come after me. One or two people I can handle, a group of people...not really.

    The teachers can't/won't do anything about it either. As long as I'm not seriously injured everything is okay to them.

    I've already tried reasoning with the two of them before as well. It just leads to them screaming more insults at me and stuff.
  5. kdotc

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    then u get a group of ppl and start a blood crip war lol.....i unno how ppl can stand being in ur its hard im assuming..getting picked on...dress gangster and see if they still pick on u
  6. secluded

    secluded Well-Known Member

    Well, the only reason I can stand it is because I prefer not to resort to all out violence and get other people involved, so I just take everything.

    But nah, no blood crip wars or dressing gangster. Me dressing gangster is quite impossible. I'm just not the kind of guy to dress that way xD
  7. PhY pHy

    PhY pHy Well-Known Member some tough stuff
    even tho i look not the type that will go
    around wif ganstas...well..i have...its
    scares me...but just stand up for myself..
    and i dunt fcken give for wut they say...but
    im pretti feirce when they do shit to me...find
  8. kdotc

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    secluded..u want me to go find some gangs on internet and ask them to mess those guys up? lol jks.....r u asian?? and r they asian? don't let us asian ppl down..its not ok for them to pick on us
  9. Stand up for urself and tell them to stop like turn around and say " WTF is your problem mother bleepers" usually crap like that will scare them. If not punch them in the face, prepare urself to kick ass if u havn't done so mentally!

    i do not promote violence that was just a page in a chapter of a story i wrote.
  10. kdotc

    kdotc 안녕하세요빅뱅K-Dragon입니다

    a chapter of a story on ang's life
  11. secluded

    secluded Well-Known Member

    ha ha. I can find my own gangs if needed ;)
    But yeah, all of us are Chinese. I don't look that Chinese though.

    Must be a nice story :D
  12. lol sound like Kdotc will take you in, in his crew... -lol

    dude I mean you can't possibly be 16 and have shit like this happen to you... that's like some kindergarten/elementary type shit... who fukin' does that?? You can't be serious this shit happens in NY??

    I think you're just thinkin' the worst.. you seriously need to just flip out on those muthafukas.. n maybe they don't even have crew..

    in a situation like this you need to swing first n ask questions last... nobody is gonna pull out a gun... at 15-16... those kids are too pussy..

    think of it this way... if you yell at 'em n start mean muggin... they'll think you crazy... n crazy means they are gonna get their ass kicked...

    did you see the Youtube video with half-ass chuck norris wannabe?? dude managed to knock out that guy while lookin' hella goofy...

    next time they start some shit with you.. run up to 'em n push them n just start yelling shit at them...

    thing is you gotta end this shit... n let 'em know.. Chihnese pple ain't nothing to fuk with.. n bad boys....... go..... to jail... -lol
  13. kdotc

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    WTF asian ppl r picking on u? then efff ain't rite....u def gota do something about it mang..finish wat has been started not promoting violence just saying tht it ain't rite doin nothing
  14. fearless_fx

    fearless_fx Eugooglizer

    holy crap, thats hardcore... a buddy of mine used to work at Smitty's and the workers there would throw cutlery at him lol, but he was able to quit his job, you cant really quit life... you either gotta just take it, or walk up to these people and ask them WTF is their problem. get some of your friends to back you up
  15. hey hey.. all i have to say is..

    Be a Man.... Be a Man....
  16. kdotc

    kdotc 안녕하세요빅뱅K-Dragon입니다

    russell peters " be a the RIGHT thing"
  17. it's funny I was watchin' the news n some 12 yr old kid was charged with like 15 different crimes or something.. theft vandalism.. all that shit.. but kid was white...

    see now if white kids did this... they might actually be more psychotic than you know...

    if it were black kids... they might get their crew..

    but freakin' Asians!!?? you know they're posers... n the thing is... you gotta step up to 'em LOUD... don't half-ass it so they think you bluffin... seriously.. play some Mortal Combat.. or Street Fighter... some shit.. to hype you up.. n if they catch your ass with some Kung Fu.. well.. at least know you didn't go down without a fight.. -lol
  18. kdotc

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    ya man....u gota listen to ecko cause this dude is speaking from experience lol..tomooro u better come bak and tell us how they got scared lol
  19. secluded

    secluded Well-Known Member

    Well, I have no problem with fighting them really. I take kung fu right now and...I do know how to fight armed or unarmed. I just prefer not to fight if it's not necessary.

    But yeah, my highschool is messed up. It's about 50% asians and the guys of that 50% are usually cocky posers that pick on other people. I guess it's a good thing there are 10 floors in my school so that they're usually not all in one place.
  20. kdotc

    kdotc 안녕하세요빅뱅K-Dragon입니다

    well make a name for urself...remember u didn't start it..they kung fu them