Gallen Lo Volunteers to be Jessica Hsuan's 'Donor'

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    When fellow friend Jessica Hsuan proclaimed that she would like Louis Koo to be her 'donor' for a baby, Gallen Lo laughs and exclaimed " This is too much! Why didn't she choose me!"

    Gallen Lo recently attended the Guangming Moutain Charity performance
    Elder brother, Gallen Lo attended Guangming Mountain Charity performance and was interviewed at the Intercontinental Hotel yesterday. Since the last meeting, Gallen still looked high in spirit and friendly, smiling and greeting as soon as he saw the reporters.

    China's Sohu news site recently circulated news that Gallen's fellow friend in the industry Jessica Hsuan although is currently still single, would want to be a single mother to satisfy her over 80 years old father's wish to have a grandchild.

    When a single mother does not choose her husband but the father of her child, Jessica picked her friend Louis Koo as the likely candidate.

    Reports stated that Jessica has more "feelings" for handsome guys.

    Jessica wants to take advantage of Louis' qualities for her baby? The reporter brought this up, and Gallen who is always cautious and modest with his words stares with big eyes and asked " When did she(Jessica) said this?"

    He then continued "This is too much, I want to go and ask her why didn't she picked me? Does she feels that I'm not handsome enough?!"

    While talking and supressing his laughter, we rarely see the mischievious side of Gallen. He then added humorously, "She(Jessica) could borrow from me more easilly......" and someone at the scene joked, " Maybe she feels that Louis is more 'capable'!"

    Take note, all the above that Gallen mentioned are jokes only, they are by no means real. If it isn't because he is talking to a familiar reporter, he may not give those comments.

    Regarding Jessica mentioning her interest in looking for a 'donor' for a baby in her interview, Gallen expressed that Jessica is just trying to make everyone happy and to lighten up the atmosphere.


    Fellow friend Jessica Hsuan wants Louis Koo to be her 'donor'. Gallen laughed and exclaimed, "This is too much! Why didn't she choose me?"

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by candy10013, Jun 23, 2008.