Gallen Lo in New TVB Series with Myolie Wu & Margie Tsang

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    The success of "Heart of Greed"《溏心風暴》made TVB understand that audiences cherish actors with real acting ability. No wonder the "King of TV," Gallen Lo Ka Leung was hotly pursued by both TVB and ATV to star in their series!

    Gallen was moved by TVB's sincerity and will film new series, "When a Dog Falls in Love with a Cat" 《當狗愛上貓》with Myolie Wu, Margie Tsang Wah Sin, and Lui Fong in August.

    Last year, TVB re-broadcast Gallen's classic series, "At the Threshold of an Era" and "Golden Faith," causing over 10,000 viewers to have "panda eyes" by staying up late at night to watch the series. After the series were broadcast, many viewers savored Gallen's acting. No wonder netizens voted Gallen as the winner in "The Actor I Want to Return to TVB the Most" poll!

    Gallen was in Yangzhou earlier to promote his series, "Wolf Smoke" 《狼煙》. After attending the promotional event, he seized the opportunity to tour Shouxi Lake and a temple.
    Following the local customs, he prayed at a temple and used coins to make a wish. Perhaps Gallen's wish was to make a thunderous comeback at TVB?

    Gallen laughed, "It was not easy to stand the coins straight up on the table, since the surface was not level. I had to try several times before succeeding. I made a wish, but I can not reveal what it is, otherwise it will not come true!"

    "I ate Yangzhou fried rice while here. It's delicious! The taste is different than how it is prepared in Hong Kong."

    In Gallen's upcoming TVB series, "When a Dog Falls in Love with a Cat," he will be playing an advertising agent. Gallen declined ATV's offer and decided to return to TVB to film instead. Lui Fong will act as a dog trainer

    "The important factors are a good plot and the right timing. You can not make all the money in the world; there is no need to rush." "TVB contacted me several times in the past. I only owe them 10 episodes; the additional 10 episodes will be under a new contract and higher fee. Many thanks to TVB!"

    Source: Jayne Stars
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    margie tsang? wow whe's been taking rest for a long time...seems tvb is eager to recruit the veterans for's quite a right tactic to captivate the audiences which comprises mainly of housewives...
  3. thats really offensive to the new actors...basically they saying they can't act and we need the old good actors back -lol
  4. philostrate

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    there are still a couple of the new actors heavily promoted by tvb... i guess the new actors really can't hold a series to themselves without the veterans...take Heart of Greed for eg....i guess tha ratings won't be as high without the bitchy character by susanna, the strong and respectful mother by lee si kei as well as the ever so loving and committed to the family by ha yue....the veterans are the essence of a series because they have more experince....
  5. asiangang

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    sounds interesting...
  6. one_dream

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    looking forward to seeing gallen back =)
  7. honkiebonkie

    honkiebonkie Well-Known Member

    -lol me to.. but i can't entirely agree with new actors being bad at acting.. they're actually not too bad. >.<
  8. milokat

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    yeah.. fresh face brightens up the series.... :)
  9. TripsZ111

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    gallen is indeed "king of tv"
    his acting is amazing... he makes a series good when sometimes the storyline isn't that great...
    i've been waiting for his comeback indeed. ^___^
  10. goo wak jai

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    lol wanted to watch a new series with him for some time now..
  11. waterchestnut

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    That's really good news!! Hope Gallen film more series after "When a Dog Falls in Love with a Cat" 《當狗愛上貓》~~
  12. waterchestnut

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    That's really good news!! Hope Gallen film more TVB series after "When a Dog Falls in Love with a Cat" 《當狗愛上貓》!!
  13. chaos21

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    =O wow even though i have no iodea what this series is really about but when u have people like gallen and myolie in it i mean its gotta be okie at least, nice nice looking forward to watching it when they done filiming it ^^
  14. lee-lee

    lee-lee Well-Known Member

    but its true. no offence to all u die hard tvb fans. but the new actors do suck. i used to be the biggest fan of hk dramas, now i can't even sit thru one episode. whooooo 'lik tien' is coming back!!! i cannot wait!
  15. chabunky2000

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    Kool. I love Gallen's acting. He's one of my favorites.:)
  16. natural

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    yeah....i thin getting galleon lo to come back acting with tvb is a good idea....
  17. BabyRain

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    How true. Some of them can't even pronounce their Cantonese right >.<

    Aww I wish Annie Man and Maggie Cheung Hor Yee are back :(
  18. nosukio

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    wooooooh! cant wiat to watch it.... another good performance from the PRO actor! wweeee....
    today's serie are really deceiving .... have a feeling this might be better
  19. kakenx

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    this is going to be interesting! not that the new actors can't act.. just that they're not as good as the old school veterans... u can see big difference in acting skills in HoG compared to other series that have been coming out. The noobs just lack experience.. they'll get there sooner or later. For example, I bet On the First beat wouldn't be as good as it is without Michal Tao in it.. well anyways going back to Gallen.. Can't wait for his return.. hope his upcoming series is good!
  20. IamMe

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    -clapclap totally agree!!! Sometimes i think their acting is kinda fake...and it's getting quite boring to see the same faces over and over again. That's why i dont watch it so many now, unless it has a good story line.
    So i am really looking forward to see gallen (a really good actor) again haha-innocent2