Frankie Lam is ATV's new vice president

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    In an announcement that surprised many, it was revealed that Frankie Lam has been appointed as the new vice president of ATV (Asia Television Limited).

    As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who spoke to the media following the announcement that was made at the press conference of the Miss Asia 2019, said that he accepted the offer from good friend and Chairman Jessie Lai and will start his work in January 2020.

    "I have gained a lot of experience from working with TVB, ATV, HKTV, to mainland China. I will apply all the best lessons I gained and get rid of things that don't work. I will try and make ATV amazing," he said.

    When asked if he accepted the job because of the high salary, Frankie said that money is not always the reason for everything.

    "I am good friends with Jessie Lai and she is very caring towards her employees and friends. I know she won't be harsh with any of them, including me," he said.

    As to whether he will help all the employees that were recently laid off by TVB, Frankie said, "All like-minded people are welcome to contact me. But at present, we will not be arrogant with our strength and capacity."

    Frankie also dismissed the notion that wife Kenix Kwok will be making an acting comeback with him in charge of a station, saying that their daughter will not allow it.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Dec 28, 2019.