Frankie Lam has no issue promoting latest TVB drama

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    Although Frankie Lam has gone on to become the Vice President of TVB's rival network ATV since his last series with the former, TVB has no qualms inviting the actor to promote the said drama, "Life After Death", which is set to broadcast this coming June.

    As reported on On CC, Kwan Shu Ming, one of the two producers of the said series, stated that both the company and Frankie himself are willing to promote the said drama together, especially since the actor himself plays the lead in the said series.

    "Even though he is now an executive of a rival station, it's not a big deal to help promote the drama. We will be looking forward to the cooperation," said the producer.

    However, Kwan admitted that the issue for now is Frankie's own schedule, stating that they will have to coordinate their schedule with him to enable him to attend the promotions.

    In a previous interview, Frankie stated that he has no issue promoting the said drama, which he filmed prior to his appointment as ATV's VP.

    "The question is whether or not TVB wants me. While filming the series, I have agreed to cooperate with the promotions. I never thought at the time that I would be changing jobs. I can continue to fulfil my duty, no conflict whatsoever," he said.

    The upcoming drama co-stars Priscilla Wong, Shiga Lin, Stephen Wong, and Mark Ma.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, May 21, 2020.