"Forensic Heroes IV" misses the cut-off point for TVB Awards

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By shinobi on Jan 11, 2020 at 4:54 AM
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    Despite previously touted as the biggest contender for the 2019 TVB Anniversary Awards, it looks like Mui Siu Ching's "Forensic Heroes IV" will not even be in competition at all.

    According to HK01, the drama, which had to postpone its broadcast last year, reportedly has been scheduled to air in mid-February, following the conclusion of the Edwin Siu-starrer, "Of Greed and Ants".

    If the rumour is to be believed, it means that the drama may not have a chance at the next edition of the said awards as well, as dramas airing immediately following the awards would usually get overlooked.

    It is noted that there were only two occasions that a drama that aired after the awards won an accolade at the next event, and both for the Best Supporting Actors category - Raymond Cho for "Short End of the Stick", which aired in February 2016, and Michael Tse for "Emergency Unit", which aired in February 2009.

    The drama was originally slated to air in mid-2019, but was postponed after one of its cast members Jacqueline Wong was caught in a cheating scandal with singer Andy Hui.

    This prompts the production to re-shoot all of the scenes involving the actress in August 2019 with Roxanne Tong as a replacement, hoping to get the airing slot as one of the TVB Anniversary series. However, it failed to get there in time, and had since been shelved for a different airing date.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Jan 11, 2020.