For girls.. -_-

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  1. oh well yeah of course... to give it that extra smooth and straight look just uhh blow dry your hair for 20 minutes and make sure all the natural enzymes can fuse with your hair.
  2. Knoctur_nal

    Knoctur_nal |Force 10 from Navarone|

    face it ladies...ur stuck with the hair u have n only temporary fixes...
  3. yea but it takes only a few minutes for that first impression...

    I personally like girls with big wavy hair... straight hair does seem too plain.
  4. misstical

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    my hair is rather naturally straight but when it does get kinda frizzy, i wash it and use ALOT of conditioner, then when its wet..comb it all straight and wen it dries up it's very very straight ^^*
  5. Espresso Bunny

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    Maybe its the type of shampoo you use..
  6. or maybe shes born with it...
  7. brown_bear

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    hey i have that problem but my hair, i guess is naturally straight but i do straighten it a now and again :)
  8. sitorbewwi

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    i want those jap wave hair things ._. im so bored of straight
  9. whoaitselaine

    whoaitselaine Well-Known Member

    Straight is good for me. I don't like my hair all over the place.. -_-"
  10. person

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    Yeah, my hair is naturally straight, so I can't help you. But I know many that use hair straighteners... so maybe you should get one of those.
  11. renegade_cash

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    WAIT why cant guys join in! we have hair problems too ROFL!!!
  12. baybluangel

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    You ladies ever thought about getting it chemically straightened? You can get it for a coupla a a year...depending on how much you wana spend. I prefer to use the straightener every morning. It takes me 5-10 minutes. After using it a while, you can wake up with straight hair..even after multiple washes.
  13. whoaitselaine

    whoaitselaine Well-Known Member

    I did that like a few weeks ago before I went to bed. It took me like 30 minutes-1 hour.. And the next morning, I still had a little split ends.. And if I put some of my hair behind my ear for a little while, my hair starts to curl and it's not straight anymore.. >>"
  14. shy

    shy Well-Known Member

    My hair is naturally thick and straight... sometimes when it gets wet, it gets kinda curly. But after it dries out, it's just straight again.

    Anyway, I've been thinking about getting wavy hair for the longest time. Is it really that annoying??
  15. hon3yxlov3

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    you can always get a relaxer, and frizz-ease from John Freida. that always helps, but then again i just have pin straight problem is totally opposite to yours because i have trouble curling my hair without it going straight in 20 minutes. lol
  16. LilSweetAngel

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    I have started a thread like this on another forum and everyone has been telling me all these straighteners and how good they are. Well, i have recently ordered a maxiglide online and i have to tell you - it's the best straightener that i have tried - it leaves your hair pin straight and as for me i don't have to straighten it the next day either.
  17. HellGuard99

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    lol almost none of the chinese kids in my class keeps their hair good except me.
    i usually wake up with a humongus strand of hair popping up. i just gel it down.
  18. I got ionic treatment done to my hair and it has been straight for more than half a year now. It is expensive here in Canada, but I think it is still worth it because hair feels so soft and easy to manage.