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    Small companies have small budgets for advertising, sales and marketing printing. Professional marketing and design services can be expensive. Many small business owners believe they can stretch their business printing budget by doing it themselves or pass it down the chain to an employee that has the time to take on this unfamiliar task. With a few simple tips just about anybody can design and produce an effective color flyer to create more sales.

    To begin the process of creating and effective marketing flyer, start with a layout template to avoid printing problems later. Free printing templates are available online from many online printing services.

    There are a few printing terms that would be helpful to understand when using these templates. Bleed is necessary when color or images extend beyond the trim line of the flyer. Be sure to extend your image border.125" past the trim line to avoid a white line on the edges of your flyer. Trim is the four cutlines on your flyer that make it the correct size. Live copy area is the distance between the trim (cut) line and type or image on the flyer. For a standard 8.5 X 11 flyer, be sure to indent your type or images at least.25" inside from the cut line.
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    these are correct when these are done in photoshop or indesign...and printed in print not to mention it is best to use CYMK colors and not RGB
    regular flyers can be done in word or publisher, white trims can be there, it doesn't have to go...
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    Can I ask why you didn't just put your 5 posts into one big post rather than spamming the artwork section unnecessarily?