Flora Chan's Declining Acting Career

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    Shortly after marrying her then-manager, Mike Chung (鍾家鴻), in 2006, Flora Chan (陳慧珊) became pregnant and halted all work. Since Mike filed for bankruptcy in 2012, Flora became the sole breadwinner for the family and Mike transitioned to being a stay-at-home dad. In the blink of an eye, the couple’s daughter is already turning 11 years old this year.

    After nearly a five-year hiatus, Flora returned to the small screen and appeared in TVB’s Suspects in Love <搜下留情> in 2010, alongside Joe Ma (馬德鐘). Touted as one of the five fadans at the height of her career, Flora’s return to filming yielded only a lukewarm reception, much to her dismay. After several more attempts with a supporting role in Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部> and starring as the main female lead in the recent Watch Out, Boss <波士早晨>, Flora came to understand that she may not be able to revive her career to what it once was.

    “Actually, I am already almost 50 years old. I am also a mother now. There are very few roles that are suitable for me. Since there are no opportunities for me, then I will have to seek out another door for myself. Earlier, I wrote a script. The content is a blueprint of my life. There is a film company that really liked it. I even found artistes already for it. But in the end, because the main female actress fell ill and we did not want to recast another actress, the project is on hold,” Flora said.

    In addition to transitioning over to behind-the-scenes work, Flora is also continuously seeking personal growth and development. After earning her master’s degree in education, she is now working toward her doctoral degree and will be graduating in three years. She hopes to put her educational pursuits to use and contribute to Hong Kong’s educational system.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by b-lee, Apr 8, 2018.