Flora Chan is now teaching English?

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    It was recently revealed that TVB actress Flora Chan is now an English teacher.

    As reported on On CC, netizens recently discovered the "Never Dance Alone" actress' professional profile online, in which she listed herself as an English teacher with the Shenzhen Keyword Youth Education.

    It also mentioned that she graduated with a communications major from Boston University and has experience as a host for TVB's English language channel.

    At the same time, Flora was also revealed to be currently pursuing a PhD in English at Hong Kong University.

    It is noted that Flora had to make her acting comeback in 2012 following her retirement due to her husband Mike Chung's bankruptcy. She later hosted an education-themed variety show called "After School" in collaboration with HK Open TV.

    Fans who saw the profile couldn't help but sing praises for the actress, saying that Flora was able to bounce back in a different field despite her previous financial issue.

    credits: yahoo
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    Good for her, and it's not cheap getting those degrees either, so she's obviously financially ok.
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    Old people always say if one door closes there always be another door that opens. The educational system in HK is a very profitable business. NO doubt she would make more than being an actress and still have time for herself.
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