Flash Point - 導火綫 [Starring Donnie Yen Ji-Dan, Louis Koo Tin-Lok, Fan Bing-Bing]

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    Flash Point is a return to SPL territory - at least character-wise. This prequel to SPL finds Yen's Inspector Ma involved in a difficult case versus a trio of deadly Vietnamese bad guys. Inspector Ma's partner Wilson (Louis Koo) poses as a member of the gang to keep tabs on the trio, leading to the arrest of Archer (Ray Lui of To Be Number One). However, Archer's cohorts Tony (Collin Chou of The Matrix Reloaded) and Tiger (Xing Yu of Kung Fu Hustle) are still at large, and will stop at nothing to prevent Wilson and other witnesses from testifying. When they kidnap Wilson's girlfriend (Fan Bing Bing) to blackmail him, only Inspector Ma is willing to come to his partner's aid - and whoever stands in his way had better watch out!

    Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Collin Chou

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    Saw this in the morning!! Great boxing skills, love all those shooting scences - especially towards the end!! Nice! But invisible target is better in my opinion... maybe cos of the cast. :p
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    Donnie Yen whoops major ass.... ^ WHAT!!!!! Invisible Target is better? No freaking way haha that movie sucked ass imo...no one could act in there period, only jackie wu kicks ass but he got owned by Donnie Yen in SPL, so yea Donnie Yen better haha (fanboy style) And i haven't saw the guy who played the oldest brother of the bad guy in a long time... like the last time was in a tvb drama dated in the early 90's, he was pretty funny in here, fan bing bing looked attractive here too...the fights....UFC style. In Invisible Target...you got three kids taking on the big man haha, not fun. And acting....what acting, jaycee chan bitching all the time, guys rubbing each other haha...chick flick.
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    donnie yen is WICKED!!!! never seems to fail in his films.

    i hope donnie comes out with more exciting films in the near future. this is just a great film! enough said!
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    finally some one opend thread about this movie.
    again the movie storyline was so poor and the script was suck.
    many scenes was already cut .. so there is a miss in the sequence of the story ,, may be this cut scenes would make the story more deep ,,
    but the final fight seems great ,,
    hope in future donnie yen gives more attention to the story and the depth of the character ..
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    This movie was pretty interesting.
    I love the fighting scenes.
    Woa! Donnie...he was so Cool in this movie.
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    Fighting scene are a lot better that recent martial art movies, pretty realistic seems to hurt like hell. I just think Donnie Yen is running out of idea for his character, he always play some enraged badass who is seeking to beat the justice out of everyone. I still liked very much this movie.
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    A lot of Fighting scenes. very excite, make m go and look some to fight.
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    loved this movie. it was not as crazy as sha po lang when it comes to action, but this movie was not boring to watch at all.

    always enjoy it when donnie uses some different approaches during a fight when approach A is not working.
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    I watched both the mandarin and Cantonese version and I noticed they chop quite a bit of scenes for the Cantonese version. I can see some of the scenes being unnecessary but shortening the fighting scene? Blasphemy (Actually, I only noticed the resting after the fall missing so I'm not sure if anything more was taken out)
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    Just watched this movie recently. Way better than junk like Dragon Tiger Gate. Very realistic fight scenes and you can see how hard it is to put something like this together in the ending credits.
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    I loved the fighting scenes . Very good
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    this was a lot better movie than spl, i found the action in this movie to be sooo great!
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    Nice fighting scenes, there were some parts where i wanted to punch the guy
    a movie that's worth watching
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    My Comment :

    If you like Kungfu style movie , you must like this movie but if you are Louis koo fan, you will get a little disappointment


    About cast acting
    -It's not Louis's fault cause this movie is SPL II which made for Donnie Yen.However, in my idea Louis is still the 3th actor, not the 2nd.Collin Chou (The Matrix Reload) who played as the 2nd brother of triad is real outstanding .In last 30 mins, I don't need subtitle cause all are action of Donnie & Collin. Both of them had experience in action movies so they can do it well again
    -Louis has more scenes in this movie than Protege(also look better) but he has only few kungfu scene but many suffering scene
    -Fan BingBing as Louis's girlfriend is the absolutely beauty.She brings happy moment to this serie (and for me).Unfortunately, This is action genre not romance so her appearance time is limited.
    -Ray Lui is so handsome and look not old at all ( but little chubbier) !!!

    About plot
    -Like other typical action movies , the plot was made for letting the leading actor show his skill more than for proper reason.
    -Some scenes are unrealistic.For example, how can the villain pass through the policeman's sight to catch FBB in the hospital without any resistance. But when one use soundless gun in the same hospital, the cop can run to the scene right away.
    -It's ridiculous in last fighting scene when Donnie brings Ray Lui to exchange for FBB & Louis, he works alone.Why doesn't he call for support team? The result is he has to fight alone ( Louis tries to help but he can't do much).Unbelievable, Donnie & Collin has a sitting break between the fight too.

    -Must watch this movie if you either like action movie or you are Louis / Donnie fan
    -Should watch this serie if you are bored & need interesting movie which will not make you fall asleep
    -Ignore this movie if you hate Kungfu style fighting & Donnie Yen
    -Forget about "reasonable & realistiv" when you watch this movie then you will have happy moment infront of TV/Computor

    My rating : 4/5

    p.s. SUSIE-DANG-1988 , this maybe De Ja Wu Review for you -bigclap
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    Nice fighting scenes. Dont´miss this movie.
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    good movie alots of action fighting scenes.
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    What i can say is the storyline has much space to improve. The fighting is good, but wasted on this kind of storyline.
  19. donnie yen is awesome~
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    I am lazy to download this movie..