First music awards of the year -- 9+2 Music Awards

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    First music awards of the year -- 9+2 Music Awards

    Yesterday, the 9+2 Music Awards were held in Guang Zhou. The big winners were Joey Yung and Hacken Lee each grabbing 4.5 awards. Among those 4.5 awards were the Favorite Female and Male Singer Award, respectively. Next in line with most awards are Eason Chan and Nicholas Tse each winning 4 awards. Even though Eason and Nicholas came in second with the most awards, the 2 of them recieved the loudest recognition from the audience. During his performance, Nicholas jumped off the stage and sang right in front of the audience 'cause the atmosphere to be even more "high."

    For these awards, almost every artist from EEG attended and they all received awards. EEG was the big winner garnering 15.5 awards. Next in line with the most awards are Universal with 11.5, Go East with 7, and A Music with 5. Earlier, rumors that members of Gold Label will not be attending, only Leo Ku and Justin won 1 award each for Gold Label.
    Woo. I love Joey Yung & Hacken Lee. -worship
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    congrats to joey and hacken =)