Final Episodes! You're thoughts? [Spoiler Warning: only read if you have finished watching]

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  1. xeoreg

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    I thought the part where Ron Ng shot the criminal was ridiculous. The car is already leaking gasoline and yet he fires a gun -what?
  2. Akira-

    Akira- Well-Known Member

    The series went from good to bad each episode became worse tbh. Forensic heroes 2 must have been the best one i think.BUT still interesting series had to watch them all haha :D i like wayne more than bobby he seems more professional lol maybe because of the name pro sir :p. BUT did y'all recognize? Same ending as Live of omission haha seems like forensic 4 is coming :D
  3. van22

    van22 Well-Known Member

    from average to weak and then garbage!
  4. negiqboyz

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    It was another stupid ending but I was surprised that the character "Angel" was killed in the end. I knew Eva was going to die; otherwise, it would be harder for Pro and the doc to stay together. One thing I must say, the "4-eye dude" was so easy to spot as the perpetrator .. the officers walked in and he got ALL Eva's reports ready to be handed over to the officers? Most people would have the secretary or assistant gather them up ..

    Anyway .. I still think Bobby and Frank did a better job or at least part 1 & 2 were better than the rest. Part 3 just wasn't very convincing .. story or job wise.
  5. Youks

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    As much as I don't like Amie as an actress her character should have lived. Think her death was not necessary and nuuu how could they kill Nancy off =( its just tvb making it easier for wayne & maggie to be together...
  6. Aznmask

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    I think you think too much.. Wayne = Pro Sir and his ex wife got murder. It is hard for him.. but at the same time he have to find evidence to solve the murder case. A professional will not be affect by emotion or any incident that affect his/her ability.

    I dont think anything wrong with it.
  7. blueheart1985

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    This was one of the best show of this year, because the most of the shows this year are really crap even the show COTRH (萬凰之王) (still airing) it's over the top , boring and the actors (normally they're good) looks like they don't even believe what their saying in the show, but back at Forensic Heroes III (法證先鋒). I like the open ending, because the writers can starts a new and more spectacular script. I hope there's a Forensic Heroes IV next year
  8. densha

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    FH3 is garbage, the ending was completely crap and rushed. Plus there were so many plotholes.

    - Ken and Angel were really cute together, and also funny. The only couple that has chemistry and worth watching
    - Ron and Kate. Meh, nothing exciting about. Ron is dull as wood in this series. Their romance was not interesting
    - Wayne and Maggie. No chemistry at all. Like seriously, they had to glue them together just because they are the male and female leads?
    - Killing off Nancy and Angel was pathetic. Let me redo the ending:
    a) Nancy is not killed and saved by wayne somehow, their romance and feelings spark once more, now he will now have to choose between a departing nancy or maggie, or not take both bitches.
    b) Let Angel be saved in the hospital. Killing her off serves no purpose besides killing off a good couple, or do a dramatic teaser where in the plane scene, Ken meets an stewardess that is identical to Angel, and tease for FH4 and how will they develop
    - Last case was dumb as hell. The psychotic dad could of easily buried his wife's body that he killed 30 years ago and not hide under the stove, that way, he doesnt have to not sell the house. Makes no sense. Also, in the car chase scene, it was from afternoon to nighttime, okay. And why was the 4-eye dude so strong when he flipped over the car and was half dead and manage to almost pull a living Kate into the explosion? LOL
    - Why the hell is the semi-retarded stepson such a good fighter and can take on 2 police with guns? LOL
    - His biological son moved away from his dad and is a Vice Editor-In-Chief but then goes berserk when Nancy tries to find his dad to write an article about the 30-year old crime story, and kills her. Then turns into a maniac and captures both Wayne and Maggie, and asks the cop the release his dad in order to trade for 2 of them. What kind of dumbass does that? Is that even remotely logical? LMFAO

    Ok, last scene of the series. Theres a new case where clowns are all killed in a group. Why do they are march so straight in line as if this was an parade? WTF? Can you not be more cheesy, TVB? That is sooooooooo lame.
  9. I'm happy...Angel died. lol
  10. Nnerak

    Nnerak Well-Known Member

    I love how they didn't have to explain shit to the kid.
    "oh yea, mommy died, you're the new mommy now" woot woot.
    And wtf's up with the last case. they just have to link it back to pro sir.
    They're not even setting it up for a sequel it just seems like they ran out of ideas.
  11. wilsonli

    wilsonli Well-Known Member

    To be honest FHIII really disappointed me...


    Those will be my thoughts, maybe the first two FH set the bar too high, cuz in my opinion they were one of the best TVB series I've seen...i think this one was very commercial in some way and kinda rushed, the ending was pretty bad and also you kinda knew that was going to happen...except for the death of Angel.

    Things that were missing for me:

    -A deeper feeling in the main relationships
    -Fight between Wind and 高Sir
    -Tougher cases, they all seemed pretty easy for me

    And for me the best was seeing 高Sir posing, or the guys imitating him, that was pretty funny :p
  12. jdm_s2k

    jdm_s2k Well-Known Member

    i really dont understand the purpose of the clown...ending?
  13. yea it was weird that they cut him off like that...he added good comedic relief....i guess he was there just to woo Kate
  14. wal

    wal Well-Known Member

    seems like everybody also forgot about jim. one would expect, knowing how much jim cared for maggie (what's her name again in the serie lol), that he would go and look her up to find out if everything's ok...
  15. onni

    onni Well-Known Member

    from the ending of it, it seems like there will be FH4. well, i hope there is, i enjoyed watching this series very much. and i must agree too that the ending of kind of make we viewers dump or the time the police arrived at the scene where Wayne Lai and Maggie Cheung were hidden, it was already dark. the same as Ron Ng with kate in the car gave chase to the son.
  16. Akira-

    Akira- Well-Known Member

    Interesting thread i agree with all of you especially this. Always thought about these things haha.
  17. turbobenx

    turbobenx .........

    well said......couldnt agree more, and couldnt find any last words except "THE WRITERS SUCK!!!!!!"
  18. cjw92

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    Yup, they always left a little suspense which they portrays in terms of a new case... can't wait for FH 4 to come out :)
    Hope they can combine the cast from FH 2 and 3 together
  19. DKNY

    DKNY Well-Known Member

    despite everything it was a great drama to watch...i mean it had the highest ratings. go figure
  20. Espresso

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    The ending suggests that a IV will come out, which is interesting. However, I felt like the death of Amy Chan was un-necessary and rather distasteful.

    TVB's ending in the past few decades was known for its happily ever after ending. It's too bad, the attempt to be different has created plots that don't make sense for the audience.

    The little girl accepting the death of her mom and a new mom was the most shocking ever. As usual, the ending seemed rushed, like a kid trying to piece together a report before deadline.

    Overall, I didn't like TVB's attempt in trying to CSI their series. The spend a big amount of time trying to be scientific which is a bit farfetched too.