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    hey, where do they usually film these kind of series? like the streets and stuff, this isn't in HK is it? just curious. thanks
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    TVB City 電視廣播城 (in Sai Kung District, Hong Kong). It's a specialized closed studio (meaning, generally not open to the public) facility that has replica structures from imperial China.

    Here's a short clip (Cantonese only) of Miss International 2008 contestants visiting: [video=youtube;939DnkCfbZs]"[/video]

    Most of the TVB period dramas are done there, though there are some where they actually go on location (mostly PRC) but those are usually very expensive productions.
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  3. pOtentiaLeaver

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    if you've seent he special shows of "gung sum gai" i think they said they film the palace in a garden in lai chi kwok...
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    Yeah, there's a few outdoor locations there for filming, sometimes you can even see the light post / buildings on TV
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    if uve been watching ancient TVB stuff, u should know by now the "streets," "goon fu," "stores," "restaurants," "man fa lau"/"yee hong yuen" etc are the same old ones XD, those houses, new or old ones, same thing over and over again-----cus they used the same studio all the time :p outdoor ones, like others said, gardens, just have to remove the modern things with technology
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    Yup, there was actually an episode or something showing how they create (and remove) the modern decoration with technology.
  7. KaY_xD

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    ^yeah back in Beyond the realm of conscience, i was like WOW! thats so cool!! too bad they still missed some spot like the lightpole XD
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    yeah, i remember this too. so i guess all outdoors scene for ancient dramas are filmed there.
  9. kevin

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    It depends I guess, but to cut down costs (budget), it would be.