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  1. 24hronline

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    FH 1 cases are more intresting n more difficult to guess who is the killer....this FH2 ..it is way to easy to known who is the killer excepts for the part when the small boy kill her own dad? haha...that one is nice...but the rest is so so ok only....last eps is the worst...when the bomb placed under the table...not logic at all...u can move the chair away n throw it in sea...or whatever place...:p Overall this movie 4.5/10
  2. Phoenix

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    i think in terms of cases....some of the cases in FH1 was better than FH2...
    eg the skeleton found in the sewer case n the crime novel case where there was a copycat...that case was the best...
  3. bbes

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    i can't comment cos i haven't seen the first one, but this series is pretty gd so far in my opinion.
  4. Chibi12

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    Agree, FH1 was way better, cases were better and more thought out, and as this is a forensic series, the 1st one focussed on the forensic side. They totally ruined FH2 by 1st introducing 2 characters which they focussed too much on, and it seemed like the cases were 2ndary compared to relationships. The 1st one showed characters progressed, saw how bobby interacted and help the pple he worked with etc. FH2 was about relationships mainly, bobby's character was pulled back, and practically every case involved a friend or family which was boring to watch.
  5. rsx

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    I can't remember FH1 too well, but I liked the cast for FH2 more: less appearances by the uglyass Yoyo, death of Linda Chung (this was what really saved the series), and significant new major characters of Charmaine and Kevin.

    They should get rid of the cases where it only involved injuries (random Sharon case.. wtf). Not interesting. It should either be mass murder, homocide, or brutal killing cases -- hence, Detective Investigation series was popular.
  6. kdotc

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    did u guys watch FH I before watching FH II?? cause thers like 2 years gap betweeen both...how do u guys remember wat the first one is like? =p
  7. 24hronline

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    Imagine Sharon nude in the front of Sam when she dead...how cool it was :p....maybe that why She not dare to do it,,,,haha
  8. whitenight

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    I agree that FH 1 was way better in terms of storyline and relationships. This series focused too much on Charmaine and the love triangle. I didn't mind Linda's death but I hated how they totally lowered Yoyo's role, I know she had to film another series but her storyline was horrible. Most of the cases sucked. They were either too predictable or just plain boring. Hopefully if they do a FH 3, they will do a better job and get "back to basics".
  9. AWhite

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    I agree - FH1 cases are more interesting and difficult to guess who the killers/offenders are. I also dislike the fact where Yoyo appearance on FH2 is so insignificant.
  10. Toilet

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    I think i like the co-stars in FH2, the stories aren't too bad either.
    FH1 i thought Linda Chung was a bit annoying, as this was when she was still a newbie so her acting sucked ^_^'
    might just go watch FH1 again just out of curiousity don't remember how the stories went, probably not so great i imagine...