Ferrari Damages Oldest Historic Wall In China

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    What's interesting about this is that the PRC routinely bans the word Ferrari from word searches every time there is some mishap involving this brand of vehicle as it usually means that someone who is well connected (ie close friend or relative of someone in high government) fucked up while driving their fancy Italian sports car. Supposedly, the Ferrari word ban has now been placed in effect over this episode too.
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    these kids live like kings and princes if they committed murder their daddies would clean it up.
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    In truth, this latest dynasty isn't any different from the preceding ones. In this case, a company that caters to it's need for special toys is shown to have a total disregard for Chinese history and culture. While that's not to be unexpected from a foreign company like Ferrari, the anger that most people have is for the native city officials who allowed this.
  4. A shame that greed and monetary power is placed a higher priority and importance over history and culture, throughout the world.