Fan Bingbing rumoured to make a comeback in March

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    15 Jan – Following reports that Fan Bingbing may still be a part of the upcoming Hollywood spy flick, "355", it was also rumoured that the actress has been slowly getting back endorsements.

    As reported on Epoch Times, a netizen claiming to be an employee of an online store for Prsr - a Chinese sunglasses brand, recently shared a series of photos of Fan Bingbing posing with what is claimed to be the brand's upcoming 2019 collection.

    It is noted that Fan has been representing the brand since 2009.

    Other sources have also reportedly confirmed that the said photos come from the company's 2019 catalogue.

    Some also claimed that Fan's collaboration with Prsr will serve as a stepping stone into her full comeback in March.

    While Fan's fans are excited at the idea of their star coming back to the limelight, others gave a more negative response, saying that she should just give up on her acting career after her previous tax evasion case.

    One netizen also went on to suggest that the actress should go to prison instead, as her previous punishment - a penalty of USD 129 million in back taxes - was not harsh enough.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Jan 15, 2019.