Fala Chen brings boyfriend to meet parents

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    Fala Chen went a Christmas event lately as a Christmas lady in red tube dress. Besides buying an expensive car for her father, she disclosed already ordered plane tickets for her parents to come to HK, "It will be their first time celebrating Christmas in HK, and I will show them around." Asked whether she will bring her boyfriend along to meet her parents, she said with a smile, "We will dine together." (Ask boyfriend to buy them a gift?) "Don't know if he will, but I think he knows what to do." (Did your parents push you to get married?) "No, I'm not anxious anyways. Career is more important at the moment. I don't want to talk about relationships that much."

    Fala said she's not disappointed in this year's "Anniversary Awards". She looks forward to next year, "I will be in several series next year. Also, I'm in a movie with Simon Yam, which will release next month." (Hope to 'level up'?) "I want to, level up myself by gaining more experiences." (What kind of role do you want to play?) "I want to try everything, I don't mind playing an ugly girl."

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by KaY_xD, Dec 20, 2009.