Extramarital AFFAIR

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  1. negiqboyz

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    It's so slow .. I wish they get to the point and move on .. I am still waiting for Wayne to come in on the show. We're almost halfway into the series but Wayne has yet to appear on it. Hopefully, things will be cut cleanly and Wayne enter by episode 60. Otherwise, I'll probably stop watching altogether. Frankly, things have been draggy and uninteresting in rather recent episodes. No drama to hang to audience .. finally the affair but that's slow too ...

    One thing I agree with the show is that marriage is no longer the forever thing these days. Marriage is no different from the regular dating except you gotta file the paper work. Sad ..
  2. silentjess

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    don't like this affair story...really don't like it. i disapprove of all this lor.
    but for story purpose, they succeed in making me angry.
    good acting & story.
  3. EvilTofu

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    I saw this coming from the start, it's so freaking obvious. They just drag it for so long.
  4. Jeff

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    Actually. Wayne was on this drama.. in a webcam appearance :D. But that lasted like 1-2 minutes so you could say that didn't count.

    I agree, like this Ah Kiu + Edmond + Kitty thing was a bit too long. Kinda like "When Lanes Merge" about the Beef ball king. Took too long. But maybe they neede to drag it a little longer because Wayne was busy with other drama filming? Who knows.
  5. negiqboyz

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    For an extramarital affair, I didn't see anything steamy on screen. It's just all talk and talk and some childplay kissing scene. I am not saying they should do like out blown sex scene or whatever but at least gotta give off the lovey dovey sense .. isn't that what all people who have affairs gets or wants? If it's just mutual understanding, support, and money, I think the wife did a great job. Anyway, the affair (though expected) was very weak and unconvincing. Glad it's finally over and we're moving along the storyline. Can't wait for Wayne to come in to the show .. I am close to hitting the brake .. we'll see ..