Explosion Occurs At A Chemical Plant In Zhejiang, China!

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  1. China has been rocked by yet another huge explosion at a chemical plant . Incredible footage of the moment a factory in Zhejiang province erupts into a giant fire ball has been uploaded to YouTube. The clip at first shows the building alight, with fire hoses attempting to dowse the flames that have broken out on the roof amid the sound of emergency sirens. Suddenly the entire building goes up with a deafening blast, with huge flames and black smoke billowing into the sky. The video was shot from a balcony above the chemical plant, and from an alarmingly close distance.

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  2. Jeff

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    Guy gives no fucks.. standing so close to the plant :boblaff:

    But it's like they never learn..
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  3. crasianlee

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    They never learn when it comes to making fast $. Wonder how many died this time.
  4. EvilTofu

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    These plants should never be build so close to residential building, but they don't give a fuck. This one wasn't as bad as the other one though but those toxic fumes will get them.