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    Although it only contained one episode, I only think it was enough because of how scary the people are when they are "supposingly" in control by the demon. What they show in that episode is how some people can really remove the demon out of you or they can be fake people that try to gain profits or something out of it by trying to remove it. But the people can possibly have some kind of problem with themselves, which causes them to believe what they think it is.. exorcism. I would be so scared if I was near someone who all the sudden started shaking and screaming, lol.

    Do you believe it or not? Got any comments that you want to share? Feel free to response and interact with this mystery!
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    some trippy shit out there that claim to be exorcism.
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    And people are serious about it too, damn to the religious beliefs!
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    i believe in it cause im christian...just go on youtube and you'll find some trippy stuff