Evergreen Mak says ViuTV gives him more freedom in hosting

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    Evergreen Mak recently stated that there is not much difference between working with TVB and hosting a show on ViuTV, except that the latter gave him more freedom to do the things his way.

    As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who appeared at the press conference of his new travel show "C9 Tour Group" with co-host King Kong Lee, stated that both companies let them be themselves when it comes to hosting shows, but that ViuTV is more tolerant and would let its artistes work freely without the need to self-censor themselves.

    King Kong concurred, saying that he was able to improvise without so much as looking at his script.

    "But in the old company, we have to follow the script. I think this is strangling the personality of the artiste himself. The scale and acceptance here are relatively large. They only tell us to do our best and do their edits afterwards," he said.

    As for Liza Wang's previous statement that the culture in TVB costs its talents and impedes development, Evergreen stated that it depends on the artistes themselves.

    "There is no need to worry about the administrative and interpersonal matters. Just do your part as an actor and it will be easier," he added.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Dec 20, 2019.