Eric Tsang wants to bring back Miss HK prestige

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    Eric Tsang has recently expressed hope that the upcoming Miss Hong Kong pageant will regain its prestige as a representation of beauty and wisdom rather than a platform for young ladies to join TVB.

    According to Mingpao, the newly-elected TVB Deputy General Manager, who appeared at the press conference of the upcoming pageant, stated, "Many people say that you join Miss Hong Kong to become actors. But in fact, the most important role of a Miss Hong Kong is to serve as a goodwill ambassador for Hong Kong and to serve society."

    "[Becoming an actress] is not the ultimate goal of a Miss Hong Kong. The purpose is to represent Hong Kong," he stressed.

    Eric also invited 17 of the Wai Yin Association members and former Miss Hong Kong beauties to the event, where he announced that they will become mentors to the upcoming contestants.

    He stated that TVB will arrange for the former beauty queens to be the mentors of the short-listed girls in a one-on-one manner. It will be conducted in the form of a live show; divided into semi-finals and finals.

    The global recruitment will begin from now until 6 June.

    As for the fact that the Miss Hong Kong pageant has not been filming in overseas for the past couple of years, Eric stated that they do plan to travel outside of Hong Kong, but that nothing can be finalised just yet due to the pandemic.

    "In response to the pandemic, even overseas candidates need to be quarantined in advance," he added.

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