Episode 9 is epic

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    GOOD EPISODE... but omg.. they didn't fill us in with how 菜興 is still there @_@

    食屎啦﹐梁非凡. 我要fukn私了!!!:jump::jump::jump:

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  2. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    yea, i swear he got shot and kicked down the hill.
  3. [N]

    [N] RATED [ ]

    what i didn't get was the sudden change of character from 9 gwoo leung's uncle... wtf all of a sudden he seemed like the good guy there. totally WTF moment. but i also think it was kind of rushed a little bit. I would've liked to see how she played the fat guy and more of her mind fucking lau sing.
  4. Thanos

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    Great episode. Felt good to get to see Leung Fei Fan and Tung Nei get what was coming to them. Although to be honest I wanted Fei Fan to get beat up more, and Tung Nei to get a public shaming, LOL.

    And Nancy Wu's character is finally introduced. Nancy Wu + Fala Chen in the same show is a double win :D
  5. dom88_rx7

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    nancy wu wil bcome a burden n problem to 9 leung. hate her appearance in tis show!!!
    hope they wil talk about 2 months before. I would've liked to see how 9 leung played tat fat guy jerk.
  6. agreed! that guy had it coming! so happy to see that play out
  7. jdm_s2k

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    is fei fan's character done?