Episode 6

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    I think it is just me for mis-looking this actor as Chan Hung Lit, shown around 40:40 (the part where he grabs the knife).

    Chan Hung Lit can be found on the main (home) page

    "Experienced actor Chan Hung Lit (陳鴻烈) was a former Shaw actor. He joined TVB and played in many series like "Blade Heart", "The Dance of Passion" and recently as "Dai Yim Shan" in "Off Pedder". Around 4:30pm on November 24, 2009, Chan complained of a sudden chest pain in TVB's dressing room. Although hospitalized immediately, unfortunately, he was certified dead at 7:11pm the same day after 2 hour of rescue, aged 66 years old."

    That same person appeared on other series too, but I think it is a different person, lemme know if it is the same person >.<
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    This guy is totally different. He doesn't have that terrible accent as Chan Hung Lit (rest his soul).

    He is call Bak Biu (white bill?). http://www.spcnet.tv/Jason-Bak-Biu-ac3208.html

    He was Kwok Jing on two different occasions. Once in the 1976 Legend of the Condor Heroes and again in the 1995 version of The Return of the Condor Heroes (the one with Louis Koo).

    Hope that answers your question. No you are not seeing a ghost.
  3. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    In these pictures, they "look" similar. No pun intended.



    I now believe "Bak Bui" was the one in Odd Couples (old movie with Sammo Hung), Back bui knows kung fu. Unless it is the opposite.