Episode 5

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    hilarious. was i high or was this episode fucking hilarious. it pretty had some classic tvb comedy except for that over the top "foot massage" to that one backstabbing chick. The first few episodes were ok but this one got me cracking like every minute. Also that one dude plays a transvestite hahahhahah oh man seeing him as a villain in other shows. Its like the DIE guys clashed with the EU guys in this show seriously. DIEU!-bigsmile

    Michael TSE playing with that bitch
    MICHAEL MIU getting played by old bitches.
    That one guy dressing up as a bitch.
    Derek kwok getting scrubbed by his bitch.
    Maggie's entourage hating the playas by snitching. bitches.

    That afro hair basketball sequence still gets on my nerves though its pretty damn retarded.