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    I look at it this way...Raymond thinks that Linda refuses to get back together with him til he tells her who is the third party, and Yoyo knows that. So Yoyo tries to mend things by letting Linda see the email intentionally. I guess she didn't expect that kind of reaction from Linda, as in, she didn't expect Linda to cut off the relationship with both of them. Yoyo thought she was sacrificing herself for Linda and Raymond's happiness. But anyway, when there's no trust in the relationship, it's hard to sustain. Linda always suspects Raymond to be seeing someone else, and anyway, she already has feelings for Moses.

    I like the way things turn out so far. Raymond didnt' get back with Yoyo, he has an undying love for Linda and chooses to be happy for her and stays in the shadows. Can't wait to see how Moses and Linda end up together.

    Sai kai is just so evil, yet dumb at the same time. Doesn't she know better than to trust Henry??!! I'm eager to see how Bosco came to be on her side now.
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    so sad...
  3. Phoenix

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    cant wait for ep 34..but tis nice to see that ah sum n alfred are gettin along now..
  4. JennV

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    I Hate The Second Wife So Much
    Like Seriously, Whats Her Problem ?!
    The First Wife Is so Smart, She Knows Like Eveything
    How That Chinatown Should Just Be Friends With The Second Wife
    Linda & Raymond Are Getting Along Better
    But I Think They Still Have Feelings For Each Other
    I Felt So Bad When Raymond Said His Promise In His Heart To Linda
    *Sniff *
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    I think Yoyo let Linda see the email because she finally regretted what she did so the least she could do is let Linda know the truth. The consequences to that should have been obvious to Yoyo since cheating with your best friend's boyfriend is like one of the most dispicable move. Also, after Linda received a letter from herself written 10 years ago reminding her of their friendship, I think Linda has forgiven Yoyo (to a certain extent...)

    lol, the 2nd wife has only one problem: the Heart of Greed :p It's going to be tragic because Ton Yun Guy is going to die from too much drama / high blood pressure.
    Linda and Raymond are getting along better, partly because Raymond hides in the shadow helping her (similar to what Moses did earlier in the series). Raymond's undying love for Linda is very heart-warming. Better to have lost than to never have lost.

    I am still surprised that Moses and Linda never got together, consider they both have feelings for one another. It must be because Linda is too busy with her career, and Moses already showed his emotions towards her but now holds back. haha, Moses always wears a suit now thanks to Linda.
  6. tvb_boy

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    Just finished ep 34. This is a really good series. I now can't wait to see how Linda and Raymond help Duk Duk Dei on the court.
    Does anyone knows what the "key" statement from Mi Suek - "worse than LiWah's dog?" means? Why Raymond keep repeating that?
  7. sir_denster

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    LiWah's Dog -- it's probably the key to something...but as for the actual meaning, I'm not quite sure.

    Is this Lei Yi v. Second Wife case going to be the final court showdown? I feel like it's not dramatic enough yet (I know, right?), because if Tong Yun Gaai dies, then...it must be even more complicated. The final court showdown should be over his assets, like what the first episode hinted at. But if that's the case, then who wins this libel case?
  8. arizona

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    I'm pretty sure the final court case will be how the second wife refuses to let Duk Duk Dei have part of the family's money. It's not like they can tell people that Duk Duk Dei IS Tong Yun Gei's son, because he was like..."stolen back" from the orphanage?

    I think the stupid second wife wins, because if they show she did cheat on Tong Yun Gei, how does she show up in the final case? But it'd be nice if Linda and Raymond won...then Linda's career is more stable and Raymond gets his wishes (help Linda and beat the other lawyer). All are just guesses, of course.
  9. i thought there will be two cases...one is the one linda is fighting now and later the one for the family money....which raymond will fight... BUT if raymond dies...how does he fight it? or does he die at the very end?.

    bosco will join the darkside because he will blame "Lie Yee" for closing down his restuarants due to bad business...so this leading him to go against the family and help the 2nd wife. ever since the first wife died it didn't really focus on how bosco feels on this whole family feud...that leads me to believe he will rebel....and of course the opening intro shows him walking with the enemies. <_<
  10. sir_denster

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    Good connection. I see it, too.
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    Someone asked for the translation. Put this up here instead of in the dl thread, in case ppl regard it as a spoiler. In eps 34, Raymond told Linda that he'd made an agreement with her in his heart to, and it goes like this:

    This agreement is between Ching Leung and Sheung Joi Sum. CL has done something to hurt SJS, and feels very sorry for his actions. If SJS is in any trouble in future, CL must try his best to help her. This is a lifelong promise, til death do us part.
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    Just finished watching ep 34 and what Ray had said to Linda is very touching. Do you think Linda will change her mind and start having feeling back for Ray again?
  13. dreyvii

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    Hmm...actually I think Linda is touched. (I know I am!!:D)What might possibly happen is that she might have feelings for Raymond, but by the time she attends to it, Raymond dies in the car crash...

    What do you think?
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    Who Ching Leung?
  15. arizona

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    That's Raymond Lam's character. (Alfred)
  16. Valkrezy

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    Think you can type that in chinese?
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    WOW...35 was definately the climax of this series! i'm sad that it is almost over. SUCH AN AWESOME SERIES!!
  18. -Tisken-

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    AWWWW i must wait 2 weeks for episode 40 :(((
    damn this serie is one of the best!!!!!
    some ppl said that at the end, the 2nd wife will turn into the good side... but i dont think so... she did too many bad things... she can not be forgiven >_<
  19. wasabi_wasabi

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    Finally "Dai Bao" caught onto some of his first wife's "coolness"...~^^
    (Warning, spoiler ahead...if you haven't figured it out already...)
    Too bad about Aflred....I saw in the begining Alfred's last photo..=(
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    Allthough this serie going a bit too fast, i still dl this every day to see it :). This serie would be even more better when the story book doesn't go this fast.

    How much is actually 6 yik? like 600.000.000 HKD????? HMMM anyways maybe Mr chinatown just have to give that greedy woman that money her 2 "yik" . It's not the fact that she deserves it, but it's also not worth it to loose your life for it. Cos MR chinatown is really winding up for it...concerning that he has a high pressure. Also the whole family is really unhappy now:( Money doesnt's make you happy.... like tai kai said 6"yik" good be "fuk" or "wor"..... maybe it's better they have 4"yik" instead of 6...... and let all those greedy ppl share/chase after their 2 "yik".... so family tong can go further with their happy lives :)
    But if this was the outcome there is now climax anymore hehehe and no-one will follow this serie.....so i can understand the writers/produceres of this serie :)