Episode 19/20 Discussion. Spoilers.

Discussion in 'Devil's Disciples - 強劒' started by AisuTsuki, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. AisuTsuki

    AisuTsuki Well-Known Member

    What did everyone think of the last two episodes?

    It was rushed but it's to be expected. I mean ... when have TVB not rushed things lately? I personally thought that the last episode was pretty amusing. It was dumb and the super effects are getting a little bit annoying .. and how "Buck Tong Lo" died was ... just dumb. Overall, pretty happy ending and pretty amusing too.

    =/ If only Sharon didn't have to die. I really liked how she looked with the white outfit. It looked really nice on her. Made her look really serene.

    Bosco ended up with Shirley but heyy~ Go figure. Bernice has to stay and take care of business while Bosco completely withdrew after getting revenge.

    I wouldn't watch the whole series again ... I'd just watch the last episode just for kicks cause it makes me laugh.
  2. Xzyrus

    Xzyrus Well-Known Member

    The last 2 episodes were a joke but they hinted at it very earlier on with the cheap CG graphics when the disciples were all racing around British comedy style. It's too bad since they were going strong from 10-18 with the serious atmosphere. I still enjoyed this ending though it could have definitely been better.

    In the last episode, comparing the bit of crying Shirley and Bernice did, Shirley's was more authentic. Shirley FTW!

    It's funny how they pulled 'mo kung' from all these other series and treat them as long lost stuff lol.
  3. zylo

    zylo Well-Known Member

    kamehame ha omg i mean come on at least spirit bomb. anyways like AisuTsuki id probably watch the last ep for humour
  4. Chloee

    Chloee Well-Known Member

    The ending was ok because I thought Bosco probably developed feelings for his wife, Shirley, but it still kinda shows him still holding feelings for Bernice.

    Also what is up with the martial techiniques when Bosco and Kevin fighting the Master and what's worst was the singing and Bosco meeting up with Bernice for midnight snack?
  5. bacardi151x

    bacardi151x Member

    i dislike shirley she is a man stealer / 2 face / big ears LOLS im mean
  6. dragopyre

    dragopyre Well-Known Member

    well it was a good ending but the whole episode was too corny for me. lol I can't believe they actually used kamekameha.
  7. asiangang

    asiangang Well-Known Member

    the last ep was hilarious!when Kevin did Kamekameha i was like " What the hell......Dragonball Z????" then i started laughing like heck....
    but i was disappointed that Bosco isnt bak with Bernice...last thing..whats with the eng words at the end??? it was a weird ending...
  8. Nirvania

    Nirvania I'm BRACK!?

    last 2 episodes sucked
  9. adrianc

    adrianc Well-Known Member

    I liked it. Quite different from the typical ancient tv series, a nice touch with some comedy.
  10. BabyRain

    BabyRain Doppelgänger of da E.Twin

    The last episode kinda suggests the possibility of bosco getting both bernice n shirley dun you think...? His bro said sth abt going after bernice is a good idea and bosco replied that he already asked bernice for supper... haha suggesting he has the intention to woo bernice...
  11. AisuTsuki

    AisuTsuki Well-Known Member

    I agree ...

    I couldn't help but to laugh while watching the last episode. XD

    I do like how they did this series semi-serious in the beginning then it becomes a big joke near the end. But hey, they said the series was based on a video game? Go figure :p

    Just reminds me of me and my friends when we talk to each other seriously but then at the end, we joke around ... it's like a complete change of atmosphere.

    As I've said, it's amusing :p
  12. They would of done better...
    I mean it was amusing...but over the top at the end >.<
    Think the comedy working well with Boscos c fu...:p

    *Gway bor hei gong* -lol-lol-lol

    Aww...I wanted Bosco to go with Bernice!!
    I dun think Shirley needed to do what she did, so lame!! >.<

    They could of done better...
  13. wantirnaar

    wantirnaar Well-Known Member

    Like ending!!! It is unique and put you to thinking mode. haha
  14. tvb_boy

    tvb_boy Active Member

    My God!!!
    The ending is horrible. I guess they just run out of idea how to kill that bad guy. The two kids were both elected to be trained on that 7 phase thing, they should figured out the weakness.
  15. whitenight

    whitenight Well-Known Member

    I thought the ending was crap as well...I think they could have ended it nicely within two epsiodes or something like that...but being a TVB series, it's rushed and I HATED that Bosco ended up with Shirley...I thought it was obvious that he still had major feelings for Bernice and I thought that he only married Shirley out of responsibilty and not love...but oh well, it's over and done with now
  16. zylo

    zylo Well-Known Member

    anyone know what game this is based on
  17. clevergurl55

    clevergurl55 Well-Known Member

    AHAHA the ending was awesome lol. OK well , not really, but it's unique for a TVB series. The whole marriage with shirley though..OMG THAT WAS STUPID!! Man, bosco so should've gone with bernice..>_<
  18. bunyun

    bunyun Active Member

    ya the ending was ok...i thought bosco would end up w/ both haha
  19. vinnya

    vinnya Well-Known Member

    ending is a joke

    i was hoping for some dramatic ending but ended up in a joke. It was definitely different.
  20. BabyRain

    BabyRain Doppelgänger of da E.Twin

    Ya the ending is indeed crap considering the suspense and anxiety they managed to build up throughout the series.. what a letdown. The way the baddie died is just too simple and unbelievable... what, explode into pieces... too comedic.
    Bosco ending up with shirley is crap as well...it's almost if he had gotten over bernice that fast and marry shirley..ew.
    I would prefer if shirley just faked the whole 'going to bed' thing just to trick her tribe.. meh she doesn't haf to REALLY sleep with bosco does she? Just said they did it.. and then reveal the truth in the last two episodes or sth so bosco would go back to bernice and shirley goes back to her tribe.. that'll be a better ending IMO... :p
    It's such a pity that the series have such a bad ending... they had it going, what with letting wayne die and then sharon... the serious, exciting atmosphere and suddenly tadah! The fighting scene between bosco, kevin and that baddie sucks totally... They went from serious to totally comedic, did stephen chow step in as the director?
    You almost feel like u get tricked.