Ending Thoughts + Series Thoughts :)

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  1. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    Series has ended!!!! :)

    What do you think of the ending & overall series?

    The series was amaazing. The beginning really hooked me, but in the 20's.. it kinda slowed down. The last episode did have a climax, but i think i expected too much from it :p.

    Do you think Wayne & Sheren will be TVB King & Queen?
  2. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    its a dramatic drama, thrilling but great. wish tvb can produce more like this, dont product shit (if i say that in other mainland sites against tvb, they will remove it and ban me from saying that in that post, i swear lol, thank god i can do it here).

    ending is...touching. first ching ching dies in yeung yeung's arms, his helplessness, sadness, touched my heart. then towards the end when 9 goo leung meets pai gwat and the other people, crying time....again when she reunites with lau sing, i need more tissue~

    the series produced many great and memorable scenes, just awesome, newest ones would be the part in the beginning of the ending, where she forces those bad guys to tell the truth, just good. I'l definitely pick Sheren over Charmaine. Charmaine....the moment in Can't Buy Me Love that really makes me think she's good is when she cries in jail. Sheren has more 層次 in NR. unless tvb decides to surprise us all
  3. AznFate

    AznFate Well-Known Member

    The beginning of the series really got me hooked, and as it progressed it got really suspenseful. It did slow down near the end and I can't say I am entirely satisfied with the way the series had ended, though I am happy that it is a happy ending. Overall, the series was epic. It was surprising that they incorporated the first theme song from Rosy Business into the ending though.
  4. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Ep 31, when Ching ching's husband start to read the diary, that part was emotional.

    I'm still on ep 31. Will update after, but so far so good and yea it was kinda boring/dragging around 20ish.


    Man I like the special effects when the glass in the church broke LOL.

    Watching Ep 32 now.

    The music playing in the background makes the scenario so emotional haha. Reminiscening the past (them).

    It's bad to see wayne lost his memory.

    30years later
    wow, everything is so modern now and everyone all aged.

    Lean pork meant to talk slower, he has aged yet he talk so fast. So who is his wife? Since when, she died already? He already have a gran-son aswell.

    If Wayne got back his memory, why did he be an II to find Sheren, I'm sure he had the money to buy a ticket to HK.

    30:08, must like that Wayne Lai hair style LOL

    31:19, awww couples haha

    They look younger in the pictures, is that them or their childrens xD
    ~great music playing with the slideshow pics.

    33:18 man he goes.

    Haha at the end, that's what is shown in ep 1. They really made it seem like Wayne died earlier in the eps like 28? 9 por por, no longer is 9 gall lerng

    Lean pork don't even look that old now.

    1994, boom that's where she leaves.

    Overall series, very good.

    Worth watching? DEFINATELY! 8/10!

    Hope Wayne wins this year.
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  5. gswl85

    gswl85 Active Member

    it had the most perfect ending, a very tense and exciting begining and abit slow towrds the end but overall great series!!! Thought Rosy business was better....
  6. Kenice

    Kenice Member

    I didn't really like the ending... I thought that everyone will know how 9 mui fought for the country and all the stuff she did to save lifes... That point really disappointed me... Beside that, I liked the happy ending.
  7. wysandman

    wysandman Well-Known Member

    this probably the first TVB series I watched since 2005. The only reason why I started to watch this was because when I was in HK it aired and the first 5 episodes got me hooked.
    Overall this series was good 8/10. From Episode 1 to the end of the japanese invasion of China was really good (except when they were saying Victory over and over again), the latter parts did slow down quite a bit, but still a good ending.
  8. onichan

    onichan Member

    but the frontcover scene don't exit in the drama maybe another story,
    very touch when Sheren call Wayne after 30 year
  9. zeewee

    zeewee Well-Known Member

    I wish Lau Sing and 9 goo leung could've met earlier so they could have spent more time together. But like Ching Ching and Yeung Yeung said, "Forever can exist in one minute, one day...." (Paraphrased that so it might not be entirely accurate.) It was very fun seeing the picture montage with all their travels and adventures. Seeing those pictures, can you believe they actually went through all that earlier in their lives?

    I thought they might have mixed up the aging with many characters. 9gl was already old and weak when she found LS again, but had dark hair in some of the pictures and much better posture. (Okay you can argue that she felt young again when she re-encountered LS and she colored her hair, but in TV story-telling, I think it might've been a mistake.) Also, Pai Gwat and Yeung Yeung shouldn't have aged so much when they all first met again and then barely had aged when 9gl died in 1994. So I thought they should've been more careful with that, but a pretty minor flaw.

    Overall, I think this was a FANTASTIC series. I loved every episode. I hated the villains and loved the protagonists (although I was meh about Ching Ching until the reading of her diary at her funeral). I very much enjoy the love stories in both RB and NR between Wayne and Sheren. Too often in dramas and movies, characters fall in love out of the blue without experiencing anything. Especially true in NR, Wayne and Sheren displays such love and care for each other in their every action without the need for cheesy PDA.

    I'm hoping for a No Regrets sweep at the Anniversary Awards!
  10. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    Wayne for TVB King!
    Sheren for TVB Queen!
    Pai Kwat for Best Supporting!
  11. Thanos

    Thanos Member

    LOL. I guess I'm not the only one who thought the victory scenes were so lame. But yea, the rest of the show was excellent. I wish Ching Ching's character had fewer scenes tho =/

  12. [N]

    [N] RATED [ ]

    Great Fucking Series
  13. pOtentiaLeaver

    pOtentiaLeaver Well-Known Member

    very bad ending... everything after the victory crap is so bad -_-

    everything is predictable, even their dialogues aren't anything special.

    it's laughable how they tried so hard to make it emotional but it just isn't. Ching ching takes too long to die -_- everything she said is predictable and slow as shit and it just ruined the mood. The only part that kind of moved me was when yeung yeung read out her diary... but that's still kinda meh. Then stuff after that is just 9gl and lau sing throwing out cheesy lines -.-

    first 20 eps, 9/10
    last 10eps, 3/10

    peace out
  14. brown_bear

    brown_bear ☆‧° ☆﹒﹒‧ ☆ ﹒﹒‧☆‧° ☆

    awww i think it was great..!!....the makeup for when theyre all older was amazing...they looked
    so realistic....esp. 9 goo leung..!!..it was nice to see the beginning at the end....
  15. rts

    rts Member

    loved this show, aside from the victory thing and the ching ching storyline being draggy (i lol'd whenever the people in the concentration camp started doing that). if this series doesn't sweep the awards, i'll be surprised. can't buy me love was a real corny piece of shit.
  16. zack55555

    zack55555 Well-Known Member

    exactly what i thought as well.. the last 10 episodes were a pain .. i had to fast forward every scene with Ching Ching, it's just a big waste of time, they over do it and the whole thing becomes very annoying...

    they should have just cap it at 25 episodes like Rosy Business..

    started off great and ended really crappy... Lots of Unnecessary Filler Bullshit
  17. ninjahelp

    ninjahelp New Member

    Did everybody notice that the handgranate is in the bag in the last episode?
    9gl threw the bag when she shot lau sing, but at that moment the handgranate was not in the bag, because lau sing gave 9gl after shooting incident.
  18. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    I very much like the last line said by Wayne (after credits I fink).

    He said he will wait if he dies first. Sounds like a powerful final phrase!
  19. burpyierz

    burpyierz Well-Known Member

    man this serie is really great omg! they must win tvb king and queen ! cant buy me love was good but no regrets is great !
    i was about to cry when "Pai Kwat" was talking about "Lau Sing" i was about to cry: keep telling myself: "no way Lau Sing died omg, they will never meet"
    but in the end they did meet, so happy for them omg! they lost like 30 years seperated but still in the end had the time to travel all around the world, so happy for them !
    really great serie, its been a long time ive seen one like this seriously

    only annoying part is Ching Ching, just die earlier please ! lol
  20. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    lol man, so harsh but I do agree, ching ching takes so long to die, her 1 sentence take like 5minute xD