Ending!! spoilers..

Discussion in 'Catch Me Now - 盜亦有道' started by jdm_s2k, May 16, 2008.

  1. fookjay07

    fookjay07 Well-Known Member

    i liked both ending but i think i will prefer jack not dying and will go for the bonus
    if i had to pick because jack gor is a good guy and he shouldn't die like that..
  2. xuetran

    xuetran Member

    I prefer Jack not dying, because I like him
  3. swtevejade

    swtevejade Member

    i agree that i prefer jack to not die because i really love his character... but weirdly enough, i like the original ending better than the alternate. even though i dont want to see jack dead, i definitely dont want to see him go to jail. i guess i always knew it had to be one or the either though. that's the way it always goes.

    what i actually found that didnt have enough closure was the other 3 people. i really love their characters too. a postcard just didnt wrap it up for me...
  4. fookjay07

    fookjay07 Well-Known Member

    didnt u lot think that the other 3 Thieves were a bit evil for leaving ah jack gor by him self witht the police
    while they were in the car about to go away like...
  5. akagarwa1

    akagarwa1 Active Member

    it would be a perfect ending if they decided not to have a sequel to it.

    dint know about the alternative ending. just watched it.