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  1. gouki64

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    Did anyone else feel robbed of a great ending?

    There was so much build up, it's frustrating to see how Lap Tin and Chi Yiu ended the series finale.

    C'mon, a piece of you were pulling for one of them to bust a move at the airport right?

    You saw how they were when they held each other in the hospital after the car wreck. Such a strong connection, tied together with loooooove. Then Lap Tin makes his fashionably late appearance at the airport, you saw the extra spring in his step, with looooove. Then the writers pull the wool over our eyes and have Lap Tin standing there like a chump with a half-assed hug and good bye at the departure, standing and watching her leave.

    I feel robbed. Can anyone justify this ending?
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  2. giraffe

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    I agree with the horrible ending. I totally feel robbed as well. Why did the writers leave such an ambiguous ending. They should just be together! Of course, they are sort of alluding to the fact that they'll be waiting 2 years to see if their relationship will work out. Is there a possibility that there will be a sequel?
  3. -Tisken-

    -Tisken- Well-Known Member

    sooo bad .... the worst tvb serie ive ever seen this year...
  4. Phoenix

    Phoenix *~Though she be but little, she is fierce~*

    it was s*** in my opinion..
    even the DIE ending was better

    i hope they not going for a sequel cos it sucks..
  5. chickenutbread

    chickenutbread Well-Known Member

    haha. yeah, i felt i was robbed of a great ending too. i guess TVB's trying to be a little realistic and curtail the dramatic endings for now. i have to admit that while it would have been great for them to end up together, that ending is too typical and idealistic, as in fairytales with their "happy ever afters." i think no matter what kind of ending TVB decided to go through with, fans will still have harsh criticisms.
  6. jdm_s2k

    jdm_s2k Well-Known Member

    it was a realistic ending to be honest...

    okay lets just say they both get together....okay?

    now what? people will still complain no matter what

    and us fans what do we do? continue to download and watch anyways

  7. razr04

    razr04 Member

    the ending was such a sequel ending,
    LOL xP

    but i hope they dunt make a sequel cause this wasn't very good
  8. gouki64

    gouki64 Member

    I agree with razr04, it felt like a very ambiguous ending and that anything can happen, leaving the door open for a possible sequel.

    But honestly, the main conflict of Love Exchange has been solved. Jackie has confessed and Anson is dead. I don't think I can take another "oh I lied" confession based twist. NO MORE!!

    How can a suspenseful/thriller/mystery show evolve into a love story/comedy sequel? To the writers, DON'T DO IT!
  9. AznFate

    AznFate Well-Known Member

    The one series in which I expected a happily ever after ending, then this happened.

    I wouldn't even call it an ending..

    Somehow I knew it was coming when Michael gave that speech at the graveyard.

    Sigh, another "memorable" series.
  10. xaznxryux

    xaznxryux Well-Known Member

    the ending is not bad, only thing bad about it is their little so called cliff hanger for a sequel

    but then again that would suck if there is a sequel cuz what is there to be suspicious about now after everything is like solved...unless theyre gonna make a sequel based on the original trailer =\
  11. michelle7879

    michelle7879 Well-Known Member

    Actually if not due to Anita, i might dun wish to watch tis series..its just so bored..dun give me any mood on chasing tis series.. at since episode 1-10, its just so bored and weird, due to its so sudden tat they dun think of find the killer ... and when coem to epi 10, only started to touched on it again..

    and abit weird is , since episode 1 til end 10, its kept on say tat Lap Tin love Bonnie so much.. and how come, he so easyly will fall in to Zita leh???? ok..if they make it as due to both having same situation and wil fall into each others... i would felt, why, they stil wanna make Lap Tin love Bonnie so deeply.... ??

    And while they both meet the accident , and they found out, they love each other tat much..and suddenly coem to end... Zita just left Lap Tin and fly away.. oh.. god.. its just makes me feel .. huh.. wat happen...
    over all.. the story line sometimes abit weird and funny.. but, the cast..is ok.. they act quite well...
    esp.. Anita.. so long dun see her..she stil act quite well..
  12. negiqboyz

    negiqboyz Well-Known Member

    The ending was really suck as everyone has said in the earlier post. It was really predictable when it comes to the answer to the mystery (limited cast) and the lacked of chemistry between Anita and Mike. I think if Anita and Mike stay together at the end; it wouldn't been odd .. either way, just don't work.
  13. kitleen

    kitleen Member

    the title 'Love Exchange' but then they didnt protray any love being / getting exchanged.

    seriously, if they dont want the two to pair up, change the damm title.

    :nuts: producers
  14. hated the ending somuch, it made me hate the whole series!!!! LOL
  15. wing834

    wing834 Active Member

    the ending was disappointing~ i expected so much but got so little lol~
  16. sakky101

    sakky101 Well-Known Member

    I just finished this series last night on the chinese channel, and I also felt that the ending wasn't that great. It wasn't a happy ending where Lap Tin and Zita was together. Yep feel a bit cheated about it and dissapointed. My mother thinks that the writer left the ending like that so maybe they can do another series, as there is so much things left out. However I disagree as this series was all a mystery about the death of Lap Tin's Wife and Zita's Husband. So if they do then it have to be about something else and no ponts for another series.