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  1. nikiki

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    did u notice her footwear? is the princess wearing boots?
  2. whitenight

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    I personally do not like her at all. I don't think she's that pretty, has a very annoying voice, her acting skills are bad, and her character is pretty much downright annoying. Also yeah her character is wearing boots. I think this show could have been alright but with her in it, it just drags the whole show down. I thought it was hilarious when everyone is speaking in the ancient language but when it gets to her, she talks like she is in a modern series. I think at one point she even says "hat chew" (sorry for my spelling) when she sneezes or something like that. I thought she was alright in EU but she should just stick to modern series.
  3. I don't what yall talking about.. come to think of it now.. she's the only one good in the series..

    There's her 'lo pei' ugly as hell.. can't stand her acting.
    The queen.. ever since Grace Under Fire.. ugly.. can't stand her sobbing..
    Sire Ma... whatever her name is.. what kinda name is Sire anyways for a girl.. she's way too fake in the series..
    The Mongolian chick.. she have no reason to be back after she left. Whats the point of seeing her trying to get with Sammul when we all know they can't be together.
    And this new chick.. The Ninja chick.. you know from Ngo Siu Fung's village. She's like pissed off at everybody.. so quick to kill anyone. Annoying as hell. I have no idea why she's popping off the ground doing ninjitsu n shit when this supposed to be in china.. :facepalm:

    This series.. they just decided.. oh lets throw ever new actress from TVB in there so they can have some exposure.. I dunno it was kinda interesting in the beginning but all these female characters is killing it for me..
  4. KaY_xD

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    SO TRUE!
    Kaki Leung plays the queen. She just sucks in this one >.<
    Sire Ma, DOESN'T FIT IN THIS DRAMA!! And accent
    Macy Chan as the Mongolian chic, acceptable, just her role...like you said
    Grace Wong as the Ninja Chic (hahahaha!!), ACCENT!!! ACCENT!!! >.< Stay in modern dramas and play ABC pls
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    Agree with Great Sage.

    (The queen) Leung Ka Kei sucks!!!!! She's f**king annoying as a host and she sucks ever harder as an actor.

    The first time I saw her acting in a TVB series was in E.U (Emergency Unit - Pretty much the same cast as this) and my god was she awful. Terrible terrible I feel like slapping her every time I see her.

    Elanne Kwong is okay as the princess, she does have the loud & bratty little princess feel which suits her character.
  6. Aznmask

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    Totally agree. her voice so annoying.. and her character in this series is very stubborn.
  7. [N]

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    lol yeah she was the female sammul which is :facepalm: but surprisingly i don't hate sammul in this show at all, guess he's good at playing himself (gay). Anyways Elanne seriously should not be paired up with michael, it kinda felt like real kung fu when selena li was paired up with the older guy it was awkward. Michael can be her dad! lol. Anyways kind of realize like half of the cast of EU is here lol, its like a reunion.
  8. [N]

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    hahahaha dis nig all over this series lmao didn't know you dig tvb shit. Anyways yea sire i don't have a clue where her character is going, she got raped and now she turns evil ish? Just a poorly written character, they could've done way more with her since she has a decently written background story. The girl who plays the ninja is just too young to be believable considering michael tse's age, he can play a younger guy and all but its just not believable to me lol. Also she tries to kill the princess in one scene! WTH doesn't she realize that she is working for her brother!? Another plot hole and just poorly written thing I don't get at all. Also yeah really terrible accent to be believable, i mean the little girl playing the younger version of her had better chinese lol. That girl playing the queen seriously i don't see anything remotely "royal" about her, she can barely talk without pausing all the time, its like shes running out of air on life support.
  9. lol didn't know I was into TVB? hahh.. this young nig.. :facepalm:

    all of them is pretty bad.. Elanne is more tolerable..

    but that ninja chick.. hahah.. piss me off everytime she trying to act hard like she's a real assassin.. Haven't even killed 1 person yet.. lol :facepalm:
  10. Aznmask

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    I know i will get flame. But the female main character, or second / third female actress had very bad acting. I think you guys would know which 3 actress i'm talking about.

    Except Kate Tsui.
  11. mr_evolution

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    Haha...I realised the cast from EU are here too.

    Ah LING!
  12. hem

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    I like her character as the princess, but I do wonder she is afterall just a princess and she's more important than the queen.
  13. kiki_bot

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    i dont think shes taht great of an actor. but her personality fits the role
  14. kevin

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    Seems like she won't be having an official divorce with the current husband.
  15. Dragon*D

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    Her acting were up and down but overall good, those sad scenes that needed tears just came out of her eyes at the right time not those that frown pretending to cry with no tears. Did she put loadsa wasabe in her mouth or was it natural.
  16. shadowhao

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    she is pretty , however I dislike Ancient Drama