Elaine Yiu's 13-Year Acting Career

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    In the entertainment industry for more than ten years, Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) was finally recognized for her hard work when she won the Best Supporting Actress Award last year for her role in Captain of Destiny <張保仔>. Although many felt pity that the award came so late in her career, Elaine instead remained grateful and does not regret her career path.

    “I never thought of it that way. As long as I have the determination, it is never too late. I am very satisfied with last year’s results. It was a great motivation and the award, to me, is an experience. It attests to my current stage of growth. Winning an award is an affirmation.”

    With Raising the Bar <四個女仔三個BAR> and Captain of Destiny airing back-to-back, the audience was able to witness Elaine’s versatile acting. Attributing the award to good timing and fate, the 35-year-old actress expressed, “I very much agree with what Krystal Tin (田蕊妮) said. [She told me] that the award I win isn’t just for me, but rather for everyone who has helped me, motivated me, and even those who have criticized me. Every form of influence allowed me to get better.”

    Rather than being recognized as a beauty queen, Elaine is instead appreciated for her well-rounded acting skills. “Some people say that receiving the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ award proves that I am part of the talented group. I did not think about whether I am part of the talented group or young beauty queen group. I believe it is a matter of timing and I don’t think that a girl can just enter the industry and be an extremely good actress. Good acting skills are often attained through life experiences. If people view me as part of the talented group right now, I would be very happy.”

    Finally reaching a breakthrough in her career after a decade of persistence, Elaine may now possibly shift her focus to her love life. With several of her good friends getting married recently, is Elaine also tempted to settle down? Elaine expressed, “When my good friend Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) got married, many friends asked when it would be my turn. I did not have the time to think about it. I will wait until my career is more stable first. I will leave it to fate. Getting married is a happy occasion. Right now, the audience is very understanding. If I were to get married, I would definitely announce it. But I am a rather introverted person. If I get married in the future, it may be out of the country. I would like to find a small, private island and have a simple wedding. I hope that my big day will be simple and relaxed.”

    Creds: Oriental Daily
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