Elaine Yiu and Chris Lai Lok Yi

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  1. love_of_tvb

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    Elaine Yiu is just like another Fala Chan of "A Journey Called Life," always wanting to marry a rich guy. then lai lok yi is the hilarious one in the beginning. (like telling herbert to eat poop in ep. 3)
  2. Phil

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    lol i dont really like Elaine Yiu , but Chris is funny as , 蝦子面 ^^, him in herberts car with all the fishballs and food
  3. kennyxiao88@hotmail.com

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    Chris is so jokes in this series...just the stupid things he does is SOOOO exaggerated but i mean that's just his role...funnie stuff when they go on their first day...U WANNA FIGHT? Let's GO!...*Cough Cough* I'm not usually like that Bwahaha!
  4. instantnoodlesXP

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    it's like he wants to aim his head towards the wall -.-
  5. lol chris is very shy in real life... so this out going character is very good to see from him... he's the funny guy that stirs things up in this series... every series has that 1 character :)
  6. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    they'd worked together 5 yrs ago, good chemistry
  7. tien317

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    Chris is juz so cute....and handsome in real life...I think this character is a good attempt...
  8. Phil

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    lol yer, they worked together in um, Hearts Of Fencing, lol i reckon Chris Lai is funny in this series, lol ifs funny when he does Stupid Stuff when Herbets Around, but Elaine Yiu's character....... dont really like those gold digger roles
  9. angel229

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    Chris's character is just too funny in this series and the thing he says and the way he says it just cracks me up. A different role from i've seen him in but its a good thing. Elaine Yiu is a decent actress, even though she played a gold digger role in the beginning i didnt find her annoying like fala chen.
  10. masiuling

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    I like lai lok yi. I though tvb was promoting him but his progression seems to have stalled. Hope he gets more and better characters in future.