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    Following their successful partnership with SPL, super action star Donnie Yen and director Wilson Yip reunite for the highly anticipated movie Dragon Tiger Gate. Together with Nicholas Tse (New Police Story) and Shawn Yue (Dragon Squad), Yen forms an invincible trio in this movie adaptation of Tony Wong's hugely popular, long-running Hong Kong comic series. The film brings alive the dynamic action and visually stunning fighting scenes from the comic books. Packed with hard-boiled action sequences, the film features 5 large-scale fighting scenes, all choreographed by Donnie Yen.

    Donnie Yen is Dragon, who left the martial arts organization Dragon Tiger Gate years ago and is now working under triad leader Ma Kwun (Chen Kuan Tai, star of many Shaw Brothers swordplay films). Ma Kwun gets the Lousha Plaque which grants him the exclusive rights to do business with Shibumi, the evil leader of the Lousha Sect. Dragon's long-lost brother Tiger (Nicholas Tse), still living in Dragon Tiger Gate, accidentally gets hold of the Plaque, and the two brothers finally cross paths...

    The film eventually climaxes in some spectacular fighting sequences set in the mysterious Lousha headquarters, with Dragon, Tiger, and Turbo Shek (Shawn Yue) fighting against the savage Shibumi. Apart from astounding action, Dragon Tiger Gate also contains many touching moments, which is where director Wilson Yip's strength lies. The movie co-stars Yuen Wah from Kung Fu Hustle as the kung fu master of Dragon Tiger Gate. Mainland actresses Dong Jie and Li Xiaoran play Ma Kwun's sweet daughter and vixen Lousha respectively. Tony Wong, creator of the original comic series, makes a cameo as a martial arts expert, and fans of the original comic series will surely find his appearance remarkable.

    Product Title : Dragon Tiger Gate
    Artist Name(s) : Donnie Yen | Shawn Yue | Nicholas Tse
    Release Date : September 21, 2006
    Language : Mandarin, Cantonese
    Subtitle : English, Traditional Chinese
    Publisher : Deltamac (HK)
  2. I thought it was good film.....had some nice fight scenes...big fan of Donnies action films.... hope the sequal focuses more on the plot.
  3. Nirvania

    Nirvania I'm BRACK!?

    sweet "kung fu hustle" effects. *kicks a guy through wall*
  4. the main enemy was from kung fu hustle aswell.. i thought he looks kinda ridiculous...
  5. zcorpio

    zcorpio Well-Known Member

    I found it pretty funny how Yue and Tse trains vigorously to beat the final boss and fail miserably only to have Yen show up and steal the show XD
  6. MonkeyDJeffy

    MonkeyDJeffy Active Member

    alright movie.. good fight scenes tho.. :)

  7. lol for reals huh... they were looking all tight in the beginning... freakin Donnie... trying to show up the youngsters... I dunno for some reason Donnies muscles looked fake in the movie... lmao...

    im sure the 2nd one will be lot better...
  8. Cal3257

    Cal3257 Member

    i don't really like the production of this movie, not good fighting scenes and nothing new really and a weird alternate world setting very cheesy fighting and special effects
  9. whats up with donnie fighting so soft with the fingers instead hard ass fist?? i dun even think his character was supposed to do that...
  10. rickoon

    rickoon Well-Known Member

    i like the fight scene.
  11. padfoot

    padfoot Member

    i like the fighting scene only... storyline wise was not that good.. :( disappointed that the characters are not really fully developed
  12. oranje

    oranje Well-Known Member

    the last part is worst..
    graphic do all the action...
  13. honfaai

    honfaai Member

    Something bothered me throughout the whole show, their hairstyles...
  14. thomas

    thomas Well-Known Member

    I don't think that Dragon Tiger gate can be filmed without all the CGIs. In the comic, all the martial arts are skills like 18 Dragon Palms, Golden Bell skill, Yi Jing Jing... quite different from Fearless, where there is only Huo's Mi Zong Fists, karate... all realistic gongfu... -cool
  15. nothing much except for those fightin parts
  16. blackmagic

    blackmagic Well-Known Member

    I'll be the odd one out and say I really enjoyed it! Nic Tse and Shawn Yue are so hot! :p

    I didn't know there was gonna be a 2nd one!
  17. osnap1584

    osnap1584 Member

    i thought the fighting was good but ending was corny. The electric dragon drill was pretty disappointing it looked awesome but failed easily.
  18. Shawn Yue gettin his ass handed to him wit a sandal... ahahahhaa...
  19. mckay423

    mckay423 New Member

    i have trouble in displaying the english subtitle. any tricks?
  20. peace

    peace Active Member

    In my opinion this movie is s bad beacause there isn't any surprise (fighting, story screen)
    Moreover I don't like the characters.