Dou niu yao bu yao?

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  1. I can send it to you. Give me your e-mail? or you want me to give u the links?
  2. PhY pHy

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    or u can post a few more post and go to the DL

    and by the ur HEBE^^^^^^
  3. Haha thanks. Hebe is the best! She seems to get prettier each episode >_<.
  4. PhY pHy

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    LOL..yeah...i wonder if its the truth..or is it just us? lol...
    or maybe i have the obsessed S.H.E
    what my mums
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    Have just completed ep 9. Very good so far, a lot better than Romantic Princess. Mike He is soooo cute. He match better with Rainie than Hebe or Ariel, actually don't like Ariel. He's getting much more hunky!!! Hey, does he have any more series coming out in 2008 after Bullfighting???
  6. Lol Phy Phy. S.H.E illness? XD
  7. PhY pHy

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    I say Mike acts comfortable with Rainie...but i think he looks pretty cute with Hebes...
    Mebe obsession has even got some of my family members liking
    mum just likes them mainly because i talk about them 24/
  8. this drama is absolutely amazing! i really love it. n the things Hebe and Mike say are so touching!!
  9. Lol Phy Phy, sounds like the S.H.E illness is contagious lmao. I got some of my friends into S.H.E XD.
  10. PhY pHy

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    LOL...we should continue our preach of S.H.E and their good
  11. Lol! Maybe.... I got my parents into S.H.E now. They're watching BF XD. I was like talking abut Hebe during dinner. They're like oo let me watch it XDD. Go Hebe!
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    a quick question not related..
    PA has a download section? where is it, i cant find it...
    sorry ima newbie :p
  13. PhY pHy

    PhY pHy Well-Known Member mum likes S.H.E....but my dad like FLH a bit
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    Where did you guys watch this drama?
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    Nice show
  16. You know.. U can down this series in this site? Or if u want u can watch it in like Youtube or Tidou or something. x.x
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    I'm just starting to watch it now since my mandarin isn't good so i had to wait for the canto version, but I've seen the preview and it looks interesting.

    TRUEXDREAMS Well-Known Member

    The beginning, the introduction is so good. The language and words used are so appealing.