Donnie Yen's Relationship with Ex-Wife Zing Ci

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    Donnie Yen (甄子丹) may be known for his flying fists, but the Hong Kong action star actually came from a family of musicians. Donnie’s father, Klyster Yen (甄雲龍), was a violinist. Aside from being a Fu Style Wudangquan grandmaster, Donnie’s mother and inspiration, Bowsim Mark (麥寶嬋), was also a soprano. Donnie himself played the piano, among other musical instruments.

    Dubbed as the “extinct perfect man” by the Hong Kong media, Donnie’s love and devotion for his family can be felt all over the world. Donnie’s wife, Cecilia Wang (汪詩詩), and his two children, Jasmine and James, are very supportive of Donnie and his career, and Donnie’s humility and commitment to the martial arts discipline is also worth to be admired!

    However, Donnie’s marriage with Cecilia was actually his second. What happened to Donnie’s first marriage? Not many may be able to recall Donnie’s first marriage, because it ended as soon as it started.

    A Flash Marriage

    Donnie met his first wife, Leung Zing Ci (梁靜慈), in 1990. The couple began dating in 1993, and in November 1993, Donnie brought Zing Ci to the red carpet event for his film, Heroes Among Heroes <蘇乞兒>, and introduced her to the public as his girlfriend. Donnie proudly professed his love for Zing Ci, and exclaimed that he would marry her as soon as he had earned enough money. Zing Ci also openly praised her boyfriend to be innocent, trustworthy, and reliable.

    After three months of dating, Donnie and Zing Ci married secretly in the United States. However, the marriage ended in less than a year. After their divorce was finalized, Zing Ci realized that she was pregnant with Donnie’s son.

    No Regrets

    Donnie and Zing Ci’s son, Jeff, was born in 1995. The quiet, intelligent, and obedient Jeff is currently enrolled in a famous high school in Kowloon. Jeff has a love for drama and theater, and he recently won “Best Screenplay” and “Best Director” at a local school competition.

    Donnie’s marriage with Zing Ci may be over, but it is reported that the ex-couple still remain in close contact. Although not physically available due to Donnie’s filming commitments, he provides alimony payments, and recently purchased a million-dollar luxury home for Zing Ci and Jeff.

    In an old interview, Donnie had stated that he does not feel he owes his ex-wife anything. When Zing Ci was pregnant, Donnie’s mother, who resided in the United States, flew to Hong Kong to take care of her. When she was on labor, Donnie was also by her side.

    Donnie mused, “When I was dating my ex-wife, my bank account only had about $10,000. I gave everything to her! I don’t think I have anything that I owe to her anymore!” Regarding rumors that it was Joey Meng (萬綺雯) who caused Donnie’s split with Zing Ci, Donnie cried with disbelief, “That is absolutely absurd! It’s not true at all.”

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by b-lee, Nov 30, 2012.