Don Li and Steven Kiss At His Birthday Party

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    Steven from Boy'z celebrated his 21st birthday yesterday. Last night he and over 100 fans held a BBQ celebration. Good friends that were also there included Dennis, Don Li, and Mandy Chiang. Dennis jokingly gave Steven a refridgerator and Don and Mandy bough him a 1,000 Yuan soccer-like bowling ball. The fans were really nice and all chipped in to get him a mini motorcycle.

    When Steven was cutting the cake and making a wish, the fans suddenly wanted Mandy to give him a kiss. Don helped Mandy and kissed Steven himself instead. To make the scene funnier, they were even kissing on the lips.

    ok this is from nov 11 2005 just look at the pic! :p

    *edit 2005 not 2004

    translations by xbunnylicious @ asianfanatics
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  2. ya i remember this... LOL. dat turns u on eh ang? :ugh: old news .